NHL Cancels Preseason Through September/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/19/2012 05:50:00 PM |
NHL.com: The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012 preseason schedule through Sept. 30.

Bridgeport Sound Tigers: Announced two previously unscheduled preseason games on the road.

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously anyone who followed the Islanders preseason since it was announced had to know there would not likely not be any preseason to schedule an NHL game. It will likely be a matter of a few days before the entire preseason is cancelled.

Would it have been nice to follow through on a preseason game using Sound Tigers players in Brooklyn? Takes two teams to make such an agreement along with the arena operator, which may not have been a problem for the Isles, but perhaps the Devils/pick a team, not so much.

Charles Wang operates the facility in Bridgeport, team President, Howard Saffan, to date had not scheduled a game there, but the Sound Tigers camp opens 9/28 in New York.

I understand folks have their view, but reality is the game in Brooklyn had the exact same significance as any preseason game the New York Islanders scheduled over countless years in neutral locations.

As for the Nassau Coliseum only Smg, Nassau County, Charles Wang (perhaps Scott Rechler) know if the Islanders are still managing the facility via 2009 sublease which means as games are cancelled, events can be booked.

Smg brought in a general manager to book events in Feb 2012, that was something Charles Wang did via the terms of the sublease.

Problem there (regardless of who is booking events) by November four other buildings (including the Izod Center/Devils former home) will be looking for business. The Prudential Center lost Nets home games to Brooklyn, who have one prime tenant.

Charles Wang completed his purchase of the Marriott on 12/21/2005, after NHL hockey resumed so this lockout hurts NHL business at his hotel.

As for Edmonton, who's lease expires a year before the Isles, Owner Darryl Katz, apparently wants much more than Charles Wang agreed to with the referendum who's already getting huge taxpayer money here.

Be nice if the writer knew where the NHL's oldest facility resided.