Article On Jim Devellano Is the One You Read For the Truth On Lockout

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/21/2012 09:08:00 PM | Has an interview with Jim Devellano about Gary Bettman, Players vs Owners, among many subjects.  

NYIFC Comments:
Simply put, if you read one article for as long as this lockout lasts, this is the one. Devellano, and you can bet if Bill Torrey were interviewed would tell you the same thing.

Devellano's insights on how bitter some media can act for months are consistent with this blog's views, along with the CBA/owners.

Updated Sat: Reports the Red Wings were fined for Mr Devellano's comments

NYIFC Comments:
I knew this was a good article worth an entry here. 

For those wondering the same John Dellapina who's access was removed from the NHL media website in 2005 as a Daily News Ranger salesman against the NHL at that time, now is in charge of NHL media relations.

That has nothing to do with Devellano or any decision to fine the Red Wings, but a little idea of how hypocritical things can be.