New York Islanders Brooklyn Press Conference 1pm Live Streamed

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/24/2012 12:35:00 PM |
Updated: Direct link to live press conference: on ITV at 1pm Will show the live conference on television.
(this would be channel 1 for Time Warner subscribers)

Charles Wang will be on WFAN at 5:30pm, trying to get Bettman.  

Not much else to write at this time, however Charles Wang, Gary Bettman, Garth Snow, Marty Markowitz, Mayor Bloomberg are all scheduled to appear per multiple reports.

Associated Press: Cites arena issues however there is nothing here that suggests the team can vacate it's current lease before 2015 without permission from Nassau County. 

Obviously we'll know more at 1pm.

Unless Wang terminated his Dec 2009 sublease, and Nassau gave the club permission to leave the team must play at the Nassau Coliseum through it's 2014-2015 lease. 

Smg would also have to be paid the full value of it's lease through 2014-15 under all those terms.