The Official New York Islander Fan Central List Of Worthless Article Keywords

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/23/2012 10:59:00 PM |
At New York Islander Fan Central this writer believes everyone's time is important never to be wasted so others can accumulate page views while promoting their agenda.

You are entitled to information/articles with direct quotes with names that support what's being claimed in articles.

As soon as a professional writer needs to start writing the following, it's time to click off and never return:
A report claims.
Rumor has it.
A source(s) has/have said/confirmed.
Insiders believe.
The word is.
I've been told.
Someone says
Anonymous person.
We've learned.
I know. 

There are likely a few terms I forgot to include, you get the idea. 

Some will call up a university or economist for a quote to give you some background in a study, however that does not support what's being claimed by the writer. 

When a writer gives straight speculation or provides opinion that's fair, this blog is not claiming media people should not express their views, however if you are making claims about news take the time and back it up with a quote.

There is a significant difference. 

Bottom line, when you see the following (above) in an article about your team lockout, game, whatever hit the close button and go find a professional media writer who will not waste your time, and actually earn their paycheck by placing a call, and asking for a direct quote.

I'm well aware that's hard to find anymore. 

Sure many media people are under pressure to produce anything from their editors, if they don't do it someone younger/cheaper will be hired to take that writers place with a mark against their future resume. 

Do people who give direct quotes always tell the truth? Obviously not, but the writer did their job. 
This blog has maintained the New York Islanders have the worst media in North American professional sports, that means the standards drop to where virtually anything written is believed by some. 

It does not mean you should ever accept anything but the highest journalistic standards. 

What I have discovered often is the small town papers covering NHL players usually do the best job. The AHL media operates in the same manner telling the game story, going to coach for comment,  players for quotes which provides a good insight into the information presented.

It's not very tough to do at all as evidenced in this Durham region/Oshawa article that had Josh Bailey's comment that this blog linked to via twitter last week.