If New York Lease Iron-Clad/No Opt-Out It's Most Successful Year In Generation

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/30/2012 05:25:00 PM |
The title is the bottom line.

The New York Islanders needed to secure a future home that goes beyond Charles Wang's tenure as owner.

In 2012 that's exactly what happened. A twenty five year lease starting in 2015 takes us into 2040. 

That makes this the most successful year the New York Islanders have had in over a generation.

This problem has gone on since John Tavares was an infant here.  You can play for the Stanley Cup in 1991, but if you don't have a future home secured there is no team as Minnesota North Star fans could tell everyone.

The discussion about this problem is finally over. 

We can all discuss the upside/downside, true financial gains (if any) made here to make the New York Islanders product sustainable at Barclay's Center as a tenant.

What matters is Wang (hopefully Michael Picker) believe they will have a more sustainable product now, and for future New York Islander owners so that's why this decision was made.

New York Islander tradition continues.

Happy New Year. 

Media-wise the New York Islanders will have less/worse professional media than they had in 1972 to rebuild their brand........it's the biggest problem moving forward by a mile.

No pro sports team anywhere will have less.

Msg's latest president, Hank Ratner, can spare us the great relationship comments, and make sure the New York Islanders receive their three hundred plus million to be hidden on their network until 2030 hopefully with a pregame.

NYC taxpayers have been giving Msg hunderds of millions since 1982 in what was supposed to be a ten year deal. That agreement also included low-cost electricity.
The good news is for now, Scott Pellerin, found a way to get his team on track with a lot of injuries. It's been more than a good sampling 5-1-2 to credit the rookie AHL coach.

Will Pellerin likely match the stretch 29th place coach, Brent Thompson, started a year ago at this time? No. 

Ness, Donovan, Wishart the only likely NHL alternatives on defense. No Hamonic, deHaan, Kabanov.

For the next 2-3 weeks no Brock Nelson.

At the moment, Ullstrom, Cizikas have stayed healthy,  Ullstrom despite a four point game has not been very productive.

Obviously the headline is Niederreiter, with Persson/Sundstrom/Nelson very impressive.
Most of the summer here was spent going through the motions of putting together the 2012-13 New York Islander roster. There is no point discussing it further at this time.