2012-13 NHL Season Cancelled At New York Islander Fan Central

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/02/2013 02:59:00 PM |
It's not 1994-1995. This writer saw one of those seasons long ago at a time a lockout was something new/different at a time before there was social media.

In retrospect that NHL season was nothing short of an insult to NHL fans. I do not consider any possible 2012-13 season as legitimate or wish to participate. 

Of course everyone wants their money, the hockey media wants their paychecks/pageviews. 

This is not a New York Islander issue directly related to  the management/team beyond being an NHL franchise or about any individual member of the NHLPA who would wear a New York Islander uniform.

If it's the final Nassau Coliseum season that would be a disappointment, however it's beyond our control or the correct reason to write about games here.  

Having written this New York Islander Fan Central will not be writing or doing twitter updates about the 2012-13 New York Islander on-ice games under any circumstances whether they win a Stanley Cup Championship or finish 30th if games eventually take place at all. 

The content presented here will be related to setting up the 2013-14 season (if one takes place) along with what's happening in Bridgeport, and teams prospects with the NHL draft.

That will include trades/personnel changes, signings that need to be made (Anders Lee) when terms of a cba are established with regard to prospects or departing players.
CBA terms will be published when an agreement is eventually made because that will setup the 2013-14 season.

The on-ice 2012-13 New York Islander/NHL season has been cancelled in terms of New York Islander Fan Central regardless of what is eventually decided in CBA negotiations. 

My apologies to our great, loyal readers, everyone has their own decision to make on this subject.

New York Islander Fan Central as promised will remain viewable until October 2013.

No decision regarding the future of this site or it's predecessors back to 2000 has or will ever be made based on team performance, off-ice issues or CBA negotiations.