Charles Wang Blameless For Anything From Here

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/09/2013 10:33:00 AM |
Updated 2/13 The Cablevision Garden's Yearly Gift From NYC Taxpayers is now up to 16.5m a year.

I'm sure Ed Mangano, Kate Murray/Joe Mondello/Tom Gulotta all have a good laugh.

Tom Suozzi put the Lighthouse in a drawer for a few years, he helped do the Smg sublease, but is hardly blameless.

Perhaps the New York Islanders would have been more exciting for Kate Murray if the TOH gave the Isles, the 15m tax exemption Msg receives each year.

Al D'Amato is also smiling, while Stuart Rabinowicz see's Hofstra expansion dollars from Albany.

As fans, if you wish to assign blame, between Nassau County government, Town Of Hempstead, you have many to choose from. It's too bad they got the blame only one day a year, the Islander owner, countless times daily from sports fans/media.

It's not fair or right.

Charles Wang has done everything possible. No one is going to keep throwing money out the door for the privilege of doing so. Wang did not get the taxpayer funded facilities every other local team received, he will not be paid like many teams to manage new/modern facilities as promised to Phoenix/Edmonton.

From this point forward whatever Charles Wang decides financially regarding owning this franchise I cannot blame him for, which would include him trading John Tavares or letting any prospect go to save money.

That would even include putting the franchise in bankruptcy/walking away. 

I do not like writing it, however to not write it would not be fair.

In 2003, he said this would not be a church that remains opened forever. 

Because of the lack of government/financial support (like all New York/New Jersey) and most teams thorough the country receive Charles Wang has to protect himself financially. 

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I'm sorry but this is not 1998, where new owner Howard Milstein got rejected by Nassau County, and cut the budget virtually to nothing forcing the trade of Zigmund Palffy. Charles Wang has been spending for over a decade from Hamrlik to Reinhart, he's gotten the same (much worse) than Milstein for his trouble.

Howard Milstein said, " Fill the building first ", Wang spent his money first.

Charles Wang has done his part and much more since the day he purchased this franchise, an entry was done here 3/14/2012: Total Support For Charles Wang which this website stands by moving forward regardless of what happens.

Also a little reality check of how bad things must have been with Nassau for Wang to agree to move the club to a facility in Brooklyn as a tenant where his revenue will not improve dramatically or he would have jumped at the chance before construction began on Barclay's Center, which could have been for a fully designed hockey facility.

I did not anticipate Nassau County being misguided/inept enough to lose it's only professional franchise, forcing Wang to separate his team from his hotel.  It usually takes an epic failure of local government for that to happen that is not seen often, but the signs were clearly there with Nassau/TOH.

They were there long before Charles Wang came along. 

Bottom line if Charles Wang's binding/lease is iron-clad in Brooklyn, he's secured the future for another ownership beyond his tenure, if it's the last thing he spends on, it will be the most important.