NY Post: Fooling Islander Fans Again?

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/16/2013 01:14:00 PM |
Seems some of our teams fans never learn not to trust the New York Post rumor/gossip department, the same one that claimed in 2010 Wang was ready to throw the keys to league.  

The same writer (Josh Kosman) on 10/1/12 or twenty three days 10/24/12 before the Brooklyn press conference (with Larry the clown Brooks) that groups involving Pat Lafontaine/Bob Nystrom/Blumenfeld were in discussions to purchase the club, and keep it in Nassau County.

NY Post 10/1/2012: Wang selling to Lafontaine/Nystrom/Blumenfeld and keeping at Coliseum site. 

That article also incorrectly wrote the team had not invited LaFontaine back since Neil Smith despite him being at Arbour's 1500th game, and introduced to crowd, plus other appearances in the Coliseum.
  It’s now losing $40 million a year, sources said.

Of course today's comedy claims:
 His NHL team lost more than $10 million last year, a source with direct knowledge of its finances said, more than in any recent year.

Impressive for Mr Kosman to contradict his own words this quickly. How does a 40m loss on 10/1/12 become a recent high 10m loss on 2/17/13?

Does Mr Kosman really think people are that naive as he contradicts himself. 

The same Josh Kosman who in Sept 2011 claimed the Devils were on the verge of bankruptcy.

The Devils  &NHL Deputy Comissioner Bill Daly refuted the Post comical claims as untrue at the time.

Hopefully someone out there finally understands when they are being fooled by the NY Post.

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