DiPietro's Worst Moment Ever-Wants Weekend Off

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/23/2013 10:39:00 PM |
So much for stepping up. Rick DiPietro stepped off.

In doing so he left Bridgeport short a goaltender.

I'm very disappointed in him unless he's seriously considering retirement. He needed to start a hockey game on Saturday, and get the work he needs.

Rick DiPietro asked for permission to take the weekend off from the Islanders and was granted permission after clearing waivers.

It's the worst moment of his career by a mile, a man who's done nothing but conduct himself in a first class manner since the day he was drafted.

Rick DiPietro decided to leave the Sound Tigers in the position of signing their goaltending coach, retired former Sound Tiger, Steve Valiquette to a PTO, while Ken Reiter got to face the thirty plus shots, DiPietro needed to face in a 3-2 regulation loss.

Appears that will be the plan through Sunday as well as Bridgeport now has lost five straight games.

Cablevision's current beatwriter played the " so-called former coach/goaltenders friction card, " from a former Ranger beatwriter.

Never read one story about a bad experience with one fan from the day he arrived in Bridgeport in 2001-02. 

Guess that beats Cablevison management questioning their own employees about the non-disclosure of injuries the same publication used to vilify the Islanders for on a daily basis about?

In the Arthur Staple comedy reporting department:
 Poulin struggled in the earlier part of the season, but he emerged as the starter for Scott Pellerin's team when Anders Nilsson struggled and then had injury problems.

Poulin started the season 5-1 the first month.
Anders Nilsson was out with an undisclosed illness from day one of the season, he did not make his season debut until 11/9 and did post a 4-2 record that month.

Does Mr Staple even attempt to do any research when he's writing these articles while sleeping through Islander games he's paid to watch?