For DiPietro/Poulin: It's Show Time Or Go Time With New CBA

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/23/2013 02:00:00 AM |
This entry has been done many times in past, but with a new CBA some things have changed for Islanders/ Rick DiPietro regardless if/when he clears waivers or is recalled so the rules have to be updated. 

1. With the Redden rule, his NHL cap hit stays on the NHL books, even if he is an AHL player.

2. If he's hurt playing in Bridgeport, New York, he cannot be bought out because he's injured, hence Redden, Gomez being told go home by teams before NHL/PA worked something out.

3. Re-Entry waivers have ended for those wondering.
4. Partial cap hits can be traded.
5. DiPietro can play in Europe with Isles continuing to take cap hit. 

But here is the important thing that has not changed per everything presented.

If Rick DiPietro is injured, and can no longer play professional hockey, he does not have to be bought out, insurance still pays his contract, his cap hit automatically is wiped from the teams books without any buyout whether it be compliance or standard.

The question always asked here, and what could determine much of this if it comes to that is how much insurance did the team get on his fifteen year contract when it was signed?

If all of the contract was fully insured, there would never be any reason for a buyout unless the premiums were more expensive.

If the Islanders were on the hook for the last 20m or more of his salary with no insurance, that's when you ask does a buyout make more economic sense?

This is where the new CBA changes the old questions/answers.  

Bottom line if Rick DiPietro clears waivers he's coming to a Bridgeport team giving up the most goals in the American Hockey League with huge pressure against, having to play three games/three days with no Anders Nilsson at this time or top prospect beyond Ken Reiter.

Poulin's allowed three or more goals in eleven of his last fifteen games with Matt Donovan +5, Aaron Ness even. 

DiPietro will immediately see a work-load he has not faced since 2008, there is simply no hiding from it if he's healthy.

It may also be a very short AHL stay despite many writing his NHL obituary.  

Management's going to get their answer about his ability to play with any regularity, whether DiPierto or anyone else likes it or not. It's now or never for Rick DiPietro in terms of being about to play three games (or more) a week. Was anything being answered playing three NHL games? No.

Poulin has started thirteen of fourteen, DiPietro's going to be asked to do likewise, with longer breaks during week if the plan is for him to remain with the Sound Tigers. 

Make no mistake this is also Kevin Poulin's time to step up, and earn a full time NHL spot, playing the worst statistical hockey of his professional career. This will not be a reward or a call-up based on winning AHL goaltender of the month or riding the hot hand.

Poulin is a restricted free agent with his own injuries/struggles.

Pressure is on everyone, it should be because 2013-14 is being decided right now.