Brenden Kichton On Signing With New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/20/2013 09:56:00 PM | | Has Islander prospect Brenden Kitcton's comments on signing with the New York Islanders, and his teams playoffs along with Chiefs head coach, Don Nachbaur 

 Kichton said the Islanders’ plans for him are murky.

 “We haven’t come to terms with anything on a contract, so we’re kind of in a waiting stage right now, to see what they’re going to do and what my agent wants from them,” Kichton said.

 “Not many kids have accomplished what he’s done, whether it’s games played, whether it’s the awards, the goals or the assists,” Nachbaur said. “He’s had a tremendous career and he’s going to be a good pro.”
NYIFC Comments: 
And this is what happens when your teams primary beat-writer is an employee of a company that is owned by another NHL franchise.  Don't believe everything you read unless the player is quoted, now we have Brenden Kichton's comments.

New York has until 6/1 to complete a contract or he can re-enter the draft so the pressure is on Islander management. This is not a late round pick in Jared Spurgeon, who the Isles did not sign, and then made a team on a tryout (Minnesota) before sticking in the NHL over many of their current NHL roster defenders.

It's also not Andy Chiodo, who made Pittsburgh for a time after the Isles did not sign him.

Some will recall Justin Mapletoft was also drafted in the 5th round, and signed a three year contract with the Islanders off winning WHL player of the year 6/1/2001 for Brent Sutter's Red Deer Rebels. 

Many CHL players with great numbers did not translate into great/good NHL players, some times those players seek max contracts as in first round money.
The latest drafted player who received max entry level contract in the last CBA was New York Islander prospect, Anders Nilsson, who according to the Ct Post practiced with Bridgeport on 3/20 who discussed his health issues.

Nilsson's contract is virtually identical to Ryan Strome's ELC.