Bridgeport's Last Stand? Wiles, Keenan, Diamond, Clark

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/21/2013 11:46:00 PM | | | |
Winger Sean Wiles is reporting to Bridgeport on a ATO here, who's leading his team with  14 goals and also posted 10 assists to go with long resume of penalties.
Forward Joey Diamond has signed with Bridgeport out of UMaine.
D Mike Keenan out of Dartmouth signed an ATO on 3/20.

And of course C Jason Clark was recalled after not playing/injured for about a month in the ECHL.

Sound Tigers website did a feature calling the weekend: " Pivotal "

Sure Bridgeport can get 3/6 points (even less) and we can keep doing these big weekend/game entries. Reality is they step up now or it's going through motions, too many teams in front of them.

Defensively the team has been better, and they are getting the goaltending from DiPietro/Reiter.