Bridgeport Final Notables....More Friction With Msg?

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/23/2013 11:32:00 PM |
Ct Post: Michael Fornabio has the season wrap with some player, coach comments, and the list of the 2013-14 contract updates.

NYIFC Comments:
As a rule, I stay ahead of this on the prospect blog for this website in terms of the contracts. I believe Ty Wishart is again an RFA at age 25 come June 2013. Mr Fornabio writes he is UFA.

Hartford Courant: Reports the Ct Whale will re brand itself back to the Hartford Wolfpack and that the Sound Tigers objected to a Connecticut Wolf Pack rebranding.

NYIFC Comnents: 
Things are seemingly not very good between Dolan's organization vs Charles Wang's. 

Obviously it was insulting for Msg to re-brand it's AHL team to a state that included where the Sound Tigers play to begin with. 

This would explain the Sound Tigers registering two domains on January 2nd blocking a move to Ct Rangers until 2018.

Look out in two years when the Wolfpack lease expires, and Dolan has Coliseum development rights via Mangano's RFP.

New York:
As I wrote on January 2nd, the NHL was cancelled in terms of this website, and that's the way it will remain. 

Having written this I respect the overwhelming majority who feel otherwise, hope they have a great time moving forward, and that they respect my position on this which is the minority today. (not so much on 1/2/13)

Everyone should respect each others choices. I do not consider a 48 game season, a complete NHL schedule, and saw one in 1995.

Yes, I'm flat out thrilled the New York Islanders season tickets to the NHL lottery have been revoked next week. I'll write that much going into the 2013 draft.