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New York Islander Fan Central | 4/26/2013 02:35:00 PM |
Aside from Griffin Reinhart's foot surgery that is expected to keep him out six weeks or Mitchell Theoret, perhaps a prospect/player signing, expect a very quiet time at New York Islander Fan Central unless there is something to write about regarding 2013-14 which is the focus here.

The lockout ends here with the conclusion of the forty eight game season/playoffs. I have made clear to my readers several times this website may not be for them at this time.

The prospect site on blogger is set with contract status for Bridgeport/Islander prospects. 

IIHF 2013 World Championships begin May 3rd for perhaps a player/prospect or two. 

It's also time to get quiet about the twitter/coverage comments on poor television/newspaper coverage, which frankly I failed to keep my promise about on 1/2/13 when the season was cancelled here.

As for the Nassau Coliseum development if you care about Dolan bidding for the building, and bringing in their AHL team to cut the Isles youth season ticket base to nothing, I've done my part, and continue to fill in credible information as it becomes available. 

Now it's your choice to speak up, not before Ed Mangano quietly hands the RFP to them. 

Nothing else I can really write after most of what was expected happened, if you care about the coverage disparities. I have also done my part to try.

You have a few life-times of entries here to guide you, and a mailing list back to 2000 with daily articles.

Now it's your turn. 

If Charles Wang, Michael Picker, Howard Saffan & Garth Snow have something to tell the public about the club's business or a players future, they have a website/Neulion to break all their own news directly.

Folks know where I stand in terms of Charles Wang's ownership after thirteen years. No matter what he does moving forward nothing is going to change my total support for him, which includes moving the team out of New York, and breaking his iron-clad/binding lease in Brooklyn.

I have done enough entries explaining why.
Just to be clear because I'm receiving many e-mails wanting to send money  to advertise here. New York Islander Fan Central is a non-profit, no advertising, no link exchange website.

No interest in writing anywhere else or page-views.
No interest in anything but professional journalism with quotes. (no sourced based information)
As always no announcements regarding the future of New York Islander Fan Central will be made with each entry perhaps being the last. I respect my followers, and do not wish to waste anyone's time so that's as honest as I can be regarding this.

Whatever happens as always will have nothing to do with the team, it's record or where it plays hockey games, never has or will. 

I simply never know if I wish to stop completely.

In April 2009 everything that can be written on this subject was.  

The promise made was this website, hosted by blogger will be viewable until October 2013 until the domain needs to be renewed.

If it's renewed at that time an announcement will be made that the this website will be viewable until October 2014. 

In terms of 2013-14, if there is any writing here at all, the focus is mostly going to be hockey centric after the draft/free agency.

How someone plays, what they are quoted as saying, hopefully into a camera so we can make up our own minds.

Thank You Very Much............