Coliseum Update-More Approvals/Sept 9th Legislature Debate Begins

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/30/2013 06:23:00 PM |
More Nassau County unanimous advisory board approvals for Bruce Ratner's lease on 8/30/13, which is thirty four years, with three five year options to renew which extend it to forty nine. 

Legislature expected to begin debate Sept 9th on approval, which is where we find out of if this agreement really stands. Kate Murray supported the agreement, not sure if TOH approval is required. NIFA is expected to approve.

NEC/Ratner only allowed to build on twelve acre's around Coliseum footprint in images presented here. Site is seventy seven acres with renaming rights belonging to Master Developer Don Monti.

County asking State for funds to construction parking garage.

Ratner get's to remove the asbestos during Coliseum renovation. 

Sound Tigers President, Howard Saffan, said another million of Charles Wang's money will be invested in Webster Bank Arena on new lighting for the facility he operates.

NYIFC Comments:
I asked earlier this summer who's deciding this in July with no real answer. Mangano's business advisory board only listed nine of seventeen names who unanimously approved Ratner bid, the only one in the past Coliseum process was Kevin Law.

I guess that's why the Msg factor never came into play into with simply not offering as much as NEC/Ratner, those people are not running for office aside from Mangano. 

We'll see what the legislature decides, Mangano needs a simple majority of Republicans which he has, can it get done before he's perhaps out/Suozzi back in? 

As for the Coliseum again NEC/Ratner is only spending eighty nine million to renovate the Coliseum.

This is no Wang-Rechler Lighthouse Coliseum renovation plan where the ice is dropped five feet for a ring of luxury boxes in the center, and the corridors expanded to increase capacity, too costly so forget any notion of the Islanders ever returning after 2015.

That kind of renovation required revenue come in from all seventy seven acres to pay for it.

Prospect blog was updated with the departure of Ty Wishart to Europe. Jordan Hill/Nathan McIver are the remaining free agents (not counting Shane Harper/Rick DiPietro) who's status still TBD.

D Mathieu Gagnon traded to Isles ECHL affiliate in Stockton will attend Isles training camp in Sept. What's notable here was he played for the Fort Wayne last year, which was where the Islanders sent players in 2012-13.

Nothing negative to write about Brenden Kichton signing, he went back into the draft, and like everyone was selected later. 
Jared Spurgeon-Huge miss by Snow organization regrets.
Jack Hillen-Became an NHL defender.
Blake Kessel-Dropped by former team.