NHL.com Does Surprisingly Solid Job on New York Preview

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/26/2013 06:41:00 AM |
Some direct quotes from management, players make for an entry worth posting here.

NHL.com Brian Compton's preview on the New York Islanders has comments from GM Garth Snow, Head Coach Jack Capuano, John Tavares among others.

Josh Bailey had a lot of interesting things to say.

Mr Compton's second article did a good job with Capuano explaining how spots will be won in camp or jobs decided among veterans.

NYIFC Comments:
Both articles by Mr Compton reasonably well done but did not include the constant man games lost to injury like no other NHL franchise that has decimated this franchise over many years which was a big part of the story of this team's struggles. 

Perhaps I missed it, the name Matt Donovan should have been more prominent in terms of making the club. 

Garth Snow discussing why he decided to buyout Rick DiPietro, and John Tavares on why he thought they had Pittsburgh on the ropes, before some inexperienced surfaced made for very good reading.

I'm sure someone will surface from SI/Sporting News/Espn/Wall Street Journal/Time to do another Milbury-era article because that's the last time some of them had budget to cover the team with any regularity. Espn fell off the map for the Islanders with Al Morganti's departure, Marc Berman at the Post knew the Isles top to bottom when he had the full time NY Post beat.

That era's long gone, media outlets refuse to spend money on hockey.