New York Islander Fan Central Will Remain On-Line For 2013-14

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/25/2013 10:35:00 AM |
The decision has been made to continue making New York Islander Fan Central viewable for it's readers through 10/10/2014, along with the prospect blog. 

As I wrote a year ago before a lockout was announced, I have little new to offer, the subject matter of games, sticks, and pucks boring.  

The archives go back to 2007 here, pre-Wang on Islanders-Sound Tigers mailing list to the 1999-2000 season. Even the goodbye was written in April 2009.

The names change, coaches on the roster, the ups/downs of a season do not.  How many times does someone have to write a game is a " BIG GAME/MUST WIN " over eighty two of them?

The Coliseum/Brooklyn story has been mostly written.  Regardless where that all goes (even with Wang selling the team/moving out of state or outright folding the franchise) it's all been done here.

I'm also tired of writing about the Dolan's/Msg (pick a topic/made this promise before) or other NHL teams taxpayer money giving them advantages (front-loading) this team will likely never have in an NHL that is not the one I grew up loving as it becomes more & more Metro divisioned heading toward hundred million dollar payrolls in a few years.

The promise of being done writing about those topics will be kept this time. All you have to do is check the archives for what I think.
I'm also tired of writing about Charles Wang's outstanding stewardship of this franchise under horrible circumstances, the club has a website, and it's own outlet to give the public information on such matters if they wish. 

There are a few life times of updates here on virtually all of this for everyone to re-read many times.

I always promise little, and do far more, expect nothing beyond this entry, the days of game updates are long gone here, along with daily articles from professional newspapers which for this franchise is extinct. 

Stanley Cup, 30th overall? What's new that I have not already written in the past. Either could happen. 

The New York Islanders no longer have independent full-time professional print media, some folks will read anything & see it as professional media............Just a bunch of amateur fans selling themselves above all.

Tired of writing about that also, I've done my part, now it's up to you.

Are You Cutting Back Because Of The Club Relocating To Brooklyn Or Out Of Market Entirely?
Given I have written every year the New York Islanders are as much New York City (a lot more than the New Jersey football teams calling themselves New York) as the Yankees,  it could be 1982, and things are still being done this way. The archives usually have exact the same words every year. 

On ice/Off ice never influenced anything decided about New York Islander Fan Central. Never will.

What Will I Write About Or Do Here?
For now I wish to just watch games, do less whatever amount of twitter entries. The work put into the page (and the prospect blog) makes it worth it for me to leave New York Islander Fan Central here just so I can look at old images or update the prospect blog. 

Most fun I had in years was writing about Bridgeport's 2012-13 season.  That's going to become a big story very soon perhaps worth a few more words. 

New York Islander Fan Central Page:
I'm not sure about re-posting the audio's currently listed on sidebar, it's a lot of work. I'm aware the header needs the 2013-14 players included, this has never been a shrine strictly to the 1970's-80's but given last season's lockout, nothing else could be done with the header.

The classic look of the New York Islander Fan Central header will always remain. 

Thrilled with the redesigned layout of the page, have been for over a year now when it was done. No changes will be made.

Advertising/Link Exchanges Here?

New York Islander Fan Central Wordpress:
The free Wordpress no frills generic page for this site created a year ago is mostly for folks who have I.E problems. This is the home page for New York Islander Fan Central. 

That page will have the roughest/unedited cuts of any entries written, with all updates to the final version only here.

What's Next?
We'll see moving forward, and you can too until October 2014.