Next Steps For Nassau Coliseum's Future & New York Islanders

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Islanders website Announced ITV will cover live press conference Friday 11:30 from Coliseum, Charles Wang not on guest list.

LI Herald has more from Mangano & the next steps in the process here..

Ratner was unanimously picked by Mangano's business group. 

Mangano, Ratner reps will have another Coliseum press conference on Friday about possible construction dates. 

The contract is now in the hands the Nassau County Legislature. Approval requires a simple majority, and the Legislature currently holds 10 Republicans and nine Democrats, it could die there.

If it's delayed past November election, and big Dolan contributor, Tom Suozzi, wins his old job back, the agreement could be easily overturned faster than Mangano took LH off county website day one of his administration.

Suozzi had some cryptic comments on decision Thursday:
 "The bottom line," he said in response to Thursday's news, "is that this is a central piece of the county's future, and we need to make sure that this plan will come to fruition as proposed. And more importantly, we need to make sure that there's a vision for the long term to do something more ambitious than just build the new Coliseum."

If NIFA has a say, you can bet they will likely want to block anything Mangano does.

Dolan's media will go all out to make process as negative as possible, Msg statement reflected no class. 

Mangano said the lease is signed, contains all negotiated terms and conditions, “and is immediately ready for consideration and approval.” 

Mangano (video) also said there has been no discussions not in the contract not eloborating if that means the current agreement or the one with Ratner with regard to the Islanders moving earlier  

The New York Islanders would play a minimum of four games at the Coliseum that could include preseason games.

Forest City Ratner has agreed to accept all costs and responsibilities for operating, insuring, maintaining and providing utilities for the Coliseum beginning on Aug. 1, 2015, which is the expiration date of the county’s lease with the arena’s current operator, SMG.

Dolan's Msg's spokesman statement reflects Garden's usual lack of class, who was reportedly never present at one meeting, and almost won the bid from home.

Wang/Rechler did over 200 meetings for LH and spent 20m dollars. Wang ran around daily for referendum.

Mangano's no hero today, he got a great deal for Nassau County making them minor league forever, while bankrupt Detroit, and governments all over the US/Canada found a way to pay for new facilities for their professional teams.

Losing the New York Islanders goes at the top of Mangano's political resume forever between bringing in 1986 New Jersey Giant football players to celebrate their accomplishments. He helped make Long Island strictly minor league for pro sports, and lost the greatest US NHL team ever because he refused to lock the doors, and find a way to pay for a new home for a team that earned it more than most.

NYIFC Comments:
1. Forget the New York Islanders remaining at the Nassau Coliseum, that's gone forever in a 13,000 seat arena. At best a four/six game visitor, at worst, no games at all. There will be no move permanent move back to the Nassau Coliseum.

1A. We don't know where NHL stands with split home games of any kind or if that is something in Ratner's lease he must deliver or it voids agreement. 

2. Who knows where this leaves Bridgeport? Ratner could bring in his own AHL team, leaving the Soud Tigers at Ct under their binding lease at Webster Bank Arena, an ECHL team could go to Coliseum or Bridgeport.

2A. If Ratner/Yormark are smart they should want Islander AHL affiliates in Ct, Long Island, and an ECHL team up in that new Bronx arena.  Stockton, California does not help your local branding.

Wang has not commented, he may have preferred Dolan's plan for all we know as best for his hotel business? 

Ratner could call up Dolan and ask if he wants to bring the Wolfpack to the Coliseum? There are no rules here.

Bottom line a lot of steps ahead, today was part of one of one that long-term may not mean anything.

Wang was handed development rights for Lighthouse in 2004. It was overturned until 2006 when he won Master Developer Bid after D'Amato demanding open bidding which set things back for over a year, Don Monti is current master developer for HUB, this was just about Coliseum, and the two sets of land between Wang's connecting abatement next to hotel.

Our fans should have learned one thing over the years, friendships change fast in business.