So What's Next For New York Islanders & Nassau Coliseum?

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/18/2013 10:44:00 PM |
The New York Islanders will soon open a training camp, likely weaker on paper at this time than they were during the 2013-14 season because they cannot replace Mark Streit's offensive ability, and are now relegated like most teams to scoring by committee on defense.

Whoever is on John Tavares right side, someone steps up or the decision making that produced numbers (not on-ice success with Parenteau/Boyes) runs out with Pierre-Marc Bouchard or another player.

Snow's due for a step back here. 

Sure a team that was tied/leading after two peirods in 40/48 games, who came back in some of those games trailing has one great trend to carry into this season. Having written this without that 11-1 streak that was a sub five hundred club that now comes into a sixteen team conference against more corporate teams with far more mistakes they can fix with that advantage to go with buildings where the owner controls the revenue because the local government gives the teams taxpayer money.

And as we all know our fan base is the best at staying home, no one is handing Wang a check like Dolan receives with his growing 16m a year tax exemption, Phoenix or many teams received for their modern revenue controlled taxpayer funded buildings. Bankrupt Detroit considers the Wings worth 280m dollars of taxpayer money for Amway sponsored Red Wings/Mike Illitch Lighthouse as does Edmonton taxpayers spending for Mr Katz's Lighthouse without referendum.

Some think a few luxury boxes in Barclay's Center evens that playing field must still be working from the 1980's John Pickett/Smg agreement luxury box playbook.

With three of eight playoff spots already earmarked for the other division things are tougher than they were now more than ever to make the playoffs. Unless players grow up sooner or produce more offensive (Okposo 4/48) it's not going to happen in 2013-14 on the ice.

Still time for some tweaking, but few roster spots in play if any. The answer may take into the season before alternatives are exhausted.
I asked the question who's deciding this in July a while back at this website. Ed Mangano's Business Advisory Council started three years ago did. 

Here is the list of some those 17 members who to date have never been mentioned before this RFP from a group first announced in March 2010.
The Business Advisory Council consists of Sandata Chairman and CEO Bert Brodsky;  President of the Long Island Association and Co-Chair of the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council, Kevin Law; former Town of Hempstead Supervisor and Dean of Business Development at Hofstra University, Richard Guardino; Kirk Kordeleski, CEO of Bethpage Federal Credit Union; Michael Puntillo, President of Jobco Realty and Construction; Henry Holley, President of The Holley Group; Mike Posillico, Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Development at the Posillico Group; and Executive Director of the IDA, Joseph Kearney.

Eden Laikin, one of Mr Dolan's former political Newsday reporters who came under fire for some biased coverage (not interviewing Islander fans during Joe Mondello duffel-bag comment day) during LH project still writes for Mr Mangano on county website.

No idea if vote on NEC/Ratner comes to legislature before the election or if the TOH  finds a way to reject it even though this absolutely fits the scale of Kate Murray's limits.

There is always the Mangano vs Democratic NIFA feud.

I doubt we're done seeing Smg/Asbestos/Wang rent articles out of Dolan's Newsday also.

Dolan's spokeswoman's words are amusing because that failed political process she complained about got them a chance to bid for the property instead of a Lighthouse or an approved referendum, but anyone who thinks they are not watching closely at what legislature does are kidding themselves.

Bottom line long way to go, however this likely will happen eventually. Nassau could care less about the Islanders games there regardless. Mangano will want to push hard to get his agreement approved to sell his re-election.

If this goes past election day, and Suozzi wins (huge past Dolan backer) all bets could be off, but Mangano was forced to live with Wang/Smg sublease signed in Dec 2009 in Suozzi's final days.

Also for all the images I post of the Coliseum site, what things look like always are far different when construction is done. But the roof is not coming off, the corridors are not going be expanded. The Lighthouse project had the ice dropped for more capacity/luxury boxes, the corridors expanded.

The money in the only one early bid called for a brand new building, not a very big one at that.

Also please stop.......this little RFP is not the Lighthouse, it's adding a few restaurants, bowling alley's on that little footprint around the Coliseum that also surrounds the walk of champions area. The big development over the large majority of that property all belongs to Master Developer, Don Monti.

Wang has his hotel/abatement. 

This is all one very small RFP Again please look at the image.
Even more to scale.

Many forget Wang gave Dolan's AHL team permission to have a playoff home game at his managed Webster Bank Arena in 2012 on little notice, the AHL had no apparent problem. This was after the Wolfpack/Whale/whatever swept the Sound Tigers in the first round. Only 1100 people attended that Whalepack game at Webster Bank Arena. 

Domain name games notwithstanding in 2013 it comes down to the terms in the Sound Tigers lease and as arena operator, and if Wang/Bridgeport can make a deal for the Sound Tigers to relocate.

Howard Saffan:
For a few early years I did not even spell Howard Saffan's last name correctly here.

Remember how angry he got about Centerplate forcing Sound Tigers playoff games out of then Harbor Yard to Coliseum in 2009? 3/31/2009 but as Charles Wang's employee in an arena currently Wang operates, ultimately Saffan must do what Wang tells him.

 "We didn't want, under any set of circumstances, to move these games to Nassau Coliseum or any other venue," Sound Tigers president Howard Saffan said. "We wanted to play our playoff series, wanted to host our playoff series in our home rink. The Arena at Harbor Yard precluded us from doing as such."

"This all proceeds from the actions of Centerplate, who would clearly rather have Sesame Street in place of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. I find that to be despicable," Saffan said. "My suggestion to Miss Carlotto is, if she wants Sesame Street, she can book them 365 days a year if so. To snub her nose at her best tenant, here for 40 games a year, and then to book Sesame Street, knowing fully it will violate the agreement, is reprehensible."

Compounding the public anxiety was the Islanders' Saturday-night announcement; Bridgeport hadn't informed season ticketholders, who already paid for playoff tickets.

"Why it got out, there's nothing I can do. I can apologize, which obviously I have in several e-mails to fans," Saffan said. "There's no way we wanted our most valuable fans, our season ticketholders, to be disjointed. But people make mistakes."

Why not mention in advance that this move might happen?

"What you need to understand, the American Hockey League needs to approve every (schedule)," he said. "To come out and say, 'by the way, it looks like this game is going to happen at the Coliseum,' it's not appropriate. We can get fined for it. Any customer of ours who doesn't desire to go to the Coliseum, that's perfectly understandable."

Mr Saffan's  never been shy about speaking his mind about the Sound Tigers business, this man has done an excellent job over the years. Centerplate is part of the current Webster Bank agreement with Wang so events have moved on since 2009. 
If Charles Wang makes an agreement to break his lease with Bridgeport, and Wang/Ratner make an agreement to bring the Sound Tigers to Nassau Coliseum, Mr Saffan if part of Wang's group at that time will be part of arrangements to bring in another team whether it be Islander related ECHL or another AHL team. 

This is all in the future, however on Friday, Bruce Ratner said the Sound Tigers were moving to the his NEC Veterans Memorial Coliseum. 

The New York Islanders will begin another season in October.