Updated NEC Veterans Memorial Coliseum BluePrint

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Mr Ratner's book of Coliseum blueprint images apparently was updated for Friday's press conference from his original blueprints.

Not that any free publication had them or the Islanders website. 

I thought folks would like to see what was filled in since Patch.com video 1:38 frame shows everything to scale. 
The ice skating rink was the only thing not diagrammed. 

Nassau County Video with only press conference questions about Islanders & Sound Tigers. (4:40)

Updated Sept-Complete plan image.

The bowling alley, restaurants all go in that little area or are attached to the Coliseum. The lawn is the winter ice-skating rink added to the bid.

Some may recall I did this a few months ago. Ratner can only build on that little area around the Coliseum, the rest is Don Monti's to develop. The hotel is Charles Wang's with that sliver of connecting abatement so his restaurant competes with Ratners, with Champions.

Everything goes in that little green area between the walk of champions. That was the scale for everyone's project design.

Not a lot of money invested in Coliseum itself. No corridor expansion, no roof changes, sure some better/bigger seats which  reduce capacity, exterior changes.

Here is what 40m bought in Tampa Bay Lightning Arena Renovations in 2011. 

If what I read was correct the Coliseum renovations will be only 89m & that's New York prices with local union labor.

In other words not a great deal is changing at the Coliseum, even though one rejected earlier plan called for a brand new building with that bid 189m. (mostly for extras around building)