Record Does Not Reflect New York's Struggles In Games

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Please understand everyone wants the team to win, and you take October points, however Jack Capuano's comments say it all in how this team has struggled.

I will not do cheer-leading here, it's about getting back to the team in April 2013, during those four weeks that limited chances/shots around twenty five, with the other team pinned in by skating/hard work, and a different line creating quality goals every game.

That team wore down it's opposition by skating/board work. 

This team is nowhere close to that right now.

Instead Jack Capuano's team has largely been outplayed, outskated, outworked in games. The scoreboard has not reflected the play beyond Nabokov carrying the club which is likely not to last.

This team should be 1-2. If Phoenix did not implode that 6-1 result is likely far different. 

The power-play needs a calendar to set up a quality chance, usually from the perimeter. Visnovsky is not a player who drives the net. What can I write about Nielsen/Okposo from the outside I have not written before? They are trying their hardest.

Sure, everyone's happy Matt Donovan scored, it was a poor goal allowed by Mike Smith, the three pass goal by Bailey was amazing, more Coyote struggles.

The rest is watching Nabokov carry the club, and them being pressured in their own end of the ice. They absolutely miss Mark Streit's ability to move the puck, find skaters cutting to net, and quarterbacking the powerplay.   

The past decision making suggests Brock Nelson takes a seat for Cal Clutterbuck, but it could be Bouchard, maybe Cizikas. We'll know soon enough.  

Ok, we'll see. Hoping for the best version of this team, but don't expect this level of play to be any kind of answer, maybe they are simply not ready yet.

Understandable for October if ugly points keep coming, many teams are finding themselves, but this club will be losing 5-1 games soon if these trends persists. 
* Nielsen is now 0-7 in shootout attempts, his last goal coming 3/2/13.

*Mikko Koskinen (listed as prospect by Islanders website despite not being qualified) left SEL where he's signed  through 2014-15, and now is in KHL.

*Griffin Reinhart was not happy at all upon arrival in Edmonton, or not getting a chance here in a game. I posted his comments on twitter with article link.

*Once again Msg Network is acting as if  Brooklyn does not exist or never happened.

*If this team continues to draw an announced 10,000 (which looks like 7,000) Wang/Picker should ask Dolan to black home all home games unless 14,000 seats sold forty eight hours in advance.

People showed up with only road coverage on channel 9 long ago, perhaps that's what it takes? 

Most ignored the thousands of empty seats Tuesday which is inexcusable. This website was very hard on the fan base all summer over this issue.

The NHL is not going to permit this to continue when this team moves to Barclay's center.

* NIFA's meeting portal for live meetings now working, they met Sept 9th at Charles Wang's hotel with NEC Ratner agreement on menu, apparently because it's a full financed deal it does not require their approval which contradicts Mangano's comments, and it being listed in their meeting packet page 30-34 pdf.

The full October 9th meeting now can be viewed here.

* No local professional newspaper coverage links will be part of New York Islander Fan Central, that ended long ago.

* The NY Post sending a part-time writer to a regular season game in Chicago, outside NY area since Evan Grossman was beat-writer many years ago does not change anything here until all 82 games are covered with complete quoted articles.

* Espn again insults our fans intelligence holding onto interviews for six days or longer as was done with Tavares/Mark Streit a year ago. Matt Moulson was interviewed a week ago on 10/4 in Newark.

It was finally posted on 10/10.

Espn sent Katie Strang to Philadelphia to cover the Flyers over the Islanders at home on 10/8, she wrote three quick paragraphs (more than usual) with no quotes on the win against Phoenix, a long article on the Rangers latest loss with no quotes on 10/17.

Now Espn permanently goes off our radar here, that's not professional or worth our time.
* Minor tweaks to pages/prospect blog, more prospect  newspaper coverage added. Blogger having link issues so currently limited in what can be done. Added Stockton radio links.