Wall Street Journal Cuts LaFontaine Hit Job Writer Mike Sielski Out Of Their Picture...Told "Get Lost" By Flyers New Coach

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Wall Street Journal Cuts Mike Sielski Out Of Their Picture, Flyers Coach Tells Him " Get Lost."

Apparently the April 2012 Lafontaine hit job writer, Mike Sielski ( The Questions LaFontaine WSJ Writer Mike Sielski Could Not Answer About His 4/2/12 Article.... ) has quietly left the Wall Street Journal without explanation but had a parting shot for the editor/fellow employees, and has returned to Philadelphia, where he immediately got into trouble with the Flyers new coach, Craig Berube, after writing about the Flyers culture in a press conference with Flyers owner Ed Snider, which he never did about the franchise with one Stanley Cup since 1940 at the Journal, who's owner never even gave a single interview in seven years.

Note-The Wall Street Journal started covering sports in 2009.
For those wondering:
Sam Walker is the Sports editor of The Wall Street Journal.
The second individual is, Geoff Foster, the editor of podcasts at WSJ sports.
The third is, Rachel Bachman, who covers college football, basketball, and other eccentricities for the journal.
No folks, that was not a friendly/funny re tweets from any of those individuals, who never wrote a word about it.

Mr Sielski now writes for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and humiliated himself immediately with the following:

Newly-minted Flyers head coach Craig Berube didn’t take kindly to a question by Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski, and the aftermath is pretty amusing. Asked whether he would punish Jay Rosehill for a four-minute penalty, Berube told him to “get lost,” asking him if he thought a “spanking” was appropriate.

Video of incident. 

And like the Lafontine story he manufactured, Sielski quickly went on Philadelphia Radio to sell himself with a puff interview.  After the Lafontaine story, he interviewed with Buffalo News for a similar article.

No former Islander media relations coordinators waved the pom poms for Sielski, like with Lafontaine.

Should be fascinating to see how Ed Snider long-time puppet, Tim Panaccio, deals with Sielski.