NYIFC Update/Spano/Kevin Connolly's Worthless ESPN Documentary

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Give Me Something Hockey Related?
Ok, I could care less about John Spano or some documentary, who in his brief twitter time responded to me, and apologized for his conduct, it was very sincere from my viewpoint.

The media too cheap to cover our games should save money on this non-sense, and go interview John Tavares instead.

Kevin Connolly should have demanded a 30/30 documentary about the greatest American US hockey team of all time, the only professional sports team ever to win nineteen straight playoff series, arguable the best professional sports franchise ever that made it as far as semi-finals from 1975-1984 every single year but one in it's most established division/conference at the height of the NHL's popularity in New York City year round. 

How many professional sports teams have won four straight championships since? Zero.
How many have won nineteen playoff series in a row ever? Zero. 

Mr Connolly did enough interviews where said he met Espn resistance who wanted the great teams omitted for the controversy instead. How many Espn Ranger die-hard fans/self-serving former team media was he forced to interview/include?

Connolly wanted Tonelli goals vs Pittsburgh, Espn wanted downside, he should have taken his project elsewhere or cancelled it. 

Bottom line John Spano would have done the exact same thing to Dallas, Florida which he previously almost bought or any other NHL franchise. It was never a New York Islander issue beyond the league's failure to vet a potential owner's finances properly.

When Fleet Bank found out, John/Brett Pickett took back the team. 

What's amazing, and the true enduring legacy here is Spano's deal to extend the cable rights will stand until 2030-2031 for future New York Islander owners as long as this franchise remains in this television market.  

That increased the teams resale value from Pickett, to Howard Milsten by thirty million dollars.

Charles/James Dolan signed a television deal with Spano that gave the New York Islanders a television contract which runs through 2030 that gave any New York Islander hockey owner eighteen percent of all Msg revenue.

Charles/James Dolan upon learning of this in the agreement at some future point in 1998 immediate pulled games off television (invoking a phony competition clause) until the Islanders agreed on a flat fee, but the Dolan's never simply sued to break the deal because it was made with an owner who was never legitimate in John Spano.

Don't expect the documentary to tell you that.