Win Or Lose New York Must Work In "Some" Prospects

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Some prospects does not mean all.

Ryan Strome, Anders Lee, and some rookie defenders have to be managed very carefully in their first professional season. 

Of course the same folks who complained about Niederreiter/Bailey being rushed will be the first demanding Strome/Lee be called up claiming the team will not give them a chance. 

As for the 2013-14 New York Islanders, I wish this was a slump where it's clear things would even out eventually because there is too much talent on this roster.

It's not the case, not even close.

This group collectively is doing their absolute best. They have gotten a lot of unexpected production from different players already which makes the overall record even more troubling.

Still they have had chances to win/earn point(s) in most games. 

The problems go far beyond coaching, or a tendency to play unproductive struggling veterans.

They have been there since preseason.

The alarming trends just continue getting worse, and are easily being exploited whether it be special teams, speed, skill, physical play, faceoffs or five on five play. 

So much for being a very good road team during the forty eight games. Now they come back to where they usually play five hundred (at best) in front of crowds of under 10,000.

Yes, if they won all four road games the attendance would still be under 10,000.

Struggling teams play the New York Islanders, and all of them find a different way to win. Here comes another one Tuesday. (who beat the Islanders already)

That trend is about to end when Los Angeles/Detroit x2 comes here with some other clubs.

Perhaps the Islanders can win some ugly games against no doubt teams using backup goaltenders? 

One thing for sure some players are getting more worn-down which leads to mistakes. Hopefully it did not lead to another possible Hamonic injury, who's been overworked with MacDonald.

If the clubs falls entirely out of contention using Ness-Donovan so be it, using the veterans on defense are never going to be the answer.

If Brock Nelson is the future next to John Tavares (once Thomas Vanek departs) as a number one draft pick, it's where he should be used with the days of him being a scratch over.

That means even Matt Martin sits for Brock Nelson. 

Again management is best served long-term to give prospects a chance. 
Some prospects do not mean all prospects.
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