New York Islander Fan Central Announcement

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/05/2014 12:14:00 AM |

Sorry everyone. I dislike writing these entries as much as most like seeing them, however out of respect it's important to keep everyone informed when changes are made.

1.  Wordpress blog deleted for New York Islander Fan Central.
Simply put it was taking several attempts (sometimes over a few days) to import a new entry to the Wordpress website. I wanted a generic site for folks who only have IE browsers to have a place to access entries who were unable to do so here. This is a compatibility issue between blogger/IE for all blogger hosted websites.  

Even the prospect blog has this issue for year's with no posted messages.  

I have contacted Google many times about this hoping for a solution. 

My advice would be find a browser more compatible with the blogger platform, to my knowledge IE versions 7,8,9 are the problem. 

2. Disqus comment system removed.

That means all comments back to 2012 were deleted. My apologies, but it's more important to have a comment system that works. For a few years they were turned off.

Even now most entries receive responses by e-mail.

I added some 1981 playoff images of sweeping the Rangers to make up for it.