Okposo Did Not Deserve USA Spot/New York Deserves Better Than Msg's Howie Rose Disrespect

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We all like Kyle Okposo.
He had four goals in forty eight games during the 2013/whatever.
American Colin McDonald had three more goals, and only seven less points. (17/24)

Okposo's team is currently dead last in whatever this division is called, despite his numbers. These spots are not decided on part of one season. When team USA hockey sat down last summer to construct a roster the notion of discussing Okposo being included would be comical based on four goals in forty eight games.

The past matters.

Of course Okposo represented team USA/Islanders well for years.
If he puts together five years like his first half he'll be on the next team if there is one.
Olympic Amnesia? 
Does anyone have any memory of the past?

The New York Islanders had Rick DiPietro, Mark Parrish, Jason Blake representing team USA in 2006, Peter Laviolette was the head coach. No Rangers were on the team. 

That would be the 2005-06 NHL season, the one the Islanders missed the playoffs for the first time since 2000-2001. The one Mike Milbury resigned, and Steve Stirling was fired.

Or the one the Rangers returned to the playoffs after eight years. 

The notion team USA was biased for/against the Islanders (or any franchise) is absurd. 

The NHLPA did not hijack the Olympic teams from amateurs until 1998, many of those clubs were comprised of same former amateurs who turned pro.
When Will Howie Rose Time End With This Franchise:
Too bad Jiggs McDonald could not stay with the team a few more days.

Was the mini winning streak making Howie Rose so unhappy so he had to come out in the snow, and play the disrespect card, telling us how many opposing fans are in the stands all night long?

Never mind Charles Wang just ate the cost of 13,000 tickets out of pocket for future games while corporate teams never give fans any free tickets, and get taxpayer money to finance their payroll.

Long ago Joe Micheletti said Wang doing this cost him about five hundred thousand dollars. (end of Wang infomercial)

Butch Goring did not play the franchise respect card with Okposo (to make his point) or the team, he is a former Islander head coach who was fired (under Wang) in the last twenty years.

You know how quick the announcer would be fired in Columbus, Florida, and most other franchises for doing what Rose did?

Anyone who's read this website knows I have been very critical of Howie Rose in the past, and would be thrilled with his dismissal. In 2003 the NY Post reported Islanders wanted him out, but we know who hires/fires announcers, and it's not the New York Islanders so he stays. (Maybe Kenny Albert has passed him on Rosen replacement list)

Howie Rose has called Islander games for the Dolan family since 1996 when it was still Sportschannel, and they were just getting started operating Msg with ITT. (after owning the Isles cable rights since 1978 which is how Charles Dolan was able to start Cablevision to amass his fortune) 

Mr Rose is one of the big reasons for disrespect for close to twenty years between his many games off,  quick/constant references to any opposing fans at the Nassau Coliseum (never acknowledging Islander fans at MSG) an absence of doing anything for this franchise besides calling games, and quickly leaving afterward.

Google Rose name, he's pictured more at Msg recently (for renovation) than the Nassau Coliseum, he never met a Ranger interview he did not want to give. 

Howie Rose somewhat snobbish list of what he considers NHL outposts are also insulting to this franchise, and many others. Nashville's David Poile is team USA's general manage, one of his so-called NHL outposts. 

Sam Rosen runs downstairs, and interviews Cablevision's head coach on television after every game, when was the last time Rose went near the Islander locker room beyond telling the fans there should never be a morning skate?

Rose is off air five ten minutes after games. Goring goes downstairs to work with Peter Ruttgaizer on postgame, he's starts the pregame from the ice with an interview. 

Rose never talks up this team, playoffs or not between baseball references. He writes nothing/almost never does an interview unless it's Mets/Ranger related. He went to one Islander Casino night, showed up for one Referendum/Lighthouse rally. 

A lot of franchises did not make the playoffs in 2002, 03, 04, 06. Many franchises have never won anything do not put a twenty year referendum of league perception on a telecast.

Never mind Mr Rose true feelings coming out in Atlanta years earlier when he got caught on camera.

On 5/11/13 New York was eliminated from the NHL playoffs.
On 5/23/13: Mr Rose was out selling his book, and talking about his favorite NHL team.
It was not the New York Islanders.

Howie Rose is one of the biggest symbols of the teams struggles since 1996.

On Feb 6th 2013 he made clear he wants to remain with the Islanders the rest of his career even though he works for Msg here.

If you’re wondering about the chances of Rose ever succeeding either Sam Rosen or Kenny Albert for a Rangers “dream job,” think again. Rose was taken aback in being asked about that:

“I’m not going there, man. I’m with the Islanders for 18 years. I think the work I’ve done here speaks to the committment I’ve made here,” Rose says. “I’m the Islanders play-by-play voice. I’ve actually done it longer than anybody in the franchise’s history. My goal is to do every last hockey game of my career for the Islanders. It’s really a tired subject, I think.”

Beyond one stirring moment, on his short list of possibilities to eclipse that June night from 19 years ago involves his childhood favorite:

“Well, I’ll let you know if I ever get to make the final call of the Mets winning the World Series,” Rose admits. “I still think that’ll be the topper for me.”
“That would be the opportunity for me that would really be the icing on the cake of my career,” Rose says. “More than just the icing, it would be the taste, the flavor, the substance, everything if I actually got to announce the Mets are World Champions.”
Notice there is nothing on the Islanders winning the Stanley Cup as being something special for his career, he'll be gone doing Mets games long before.

He's been "faking it" long enough, our fans deserve someone who feels likes Mr Rose does about the Rangers, and Mets, he'll never be that person for our team. 

It's time for the New York Islanders to publicly request a change.