Playing Out The String For New York/Notables

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Olympics-Not interested. Amateurs should only be participating, but this is when the players act like the league in their sense of entitlement.

Vanek comments on if it were Penguins-The Islanders got the favorable review against Pittsburgh on Thursday in the third period on the 4-5 goal, even if Kris King's explanation was as insulting as television ratings release of Stadium series games or announced sellout on Wednesday.

I like Vanek, however when he was traded he was outspoken, it did not play well then or on Saturday.

Hold the lead for another thirty seconds, problem solved.

Outdoor Game-Not interested. New York should be hosting the Canadians in the Heritage classic featuring only NHL Dynasties. It's the fake Yankee Stadium funded by taxpayers. (Same as the taxpayer funded monument in Queens)

A twice convicted felon (Steinbrenner) got paid, Bernie Madoff's pal, Fred Wilpon got paid all via taxpayers. 

The Cuomo family defend everyone getting taxpayer money with Mario Cuomo celebrating outside of court with Wilpon. (just not the New York Islanders)

The House that Ruth built (dramatically remodeled 1973-76) was reduced to rubble five years ago. 

Only thing more phony will be shaking hands afterward with a team they play again------FRIDAY.

I guess Friday is when the Msg people will be allowed to comment (like Barclay's game/practice they went AWOL) again as did Msg network in terms of live practice coverage.

So after all the Ranger media salesman for years telling everyone they must host an outdoor game, now the spin is they never could to keep their taxpayer handout?

Go figure someone would have reported that over the years. Any neutral site or European home game should have made the tax money forfeit long ago.

The Rangers were the home team against the Devils, in Halifax in November of 1993 in a neutral site game.

It really screams these tiny updates on Islanders at Barclay's Center are just that with no credible confirmed league information with quotes. 

Looks like Andrew MacDonald's burned out, and Hamonic is hurt, sadly I wrote this was coming in November, what's Capuano to do? 

Kevin Poulin took a team from ten under to three under, on a team with no experienced top four defenders, the sixth goal against the Bruins means he's not ready?

Please stop. 

This team almost had it's longest road winning streak in decades with Poulin  in net.

Visnovsky's return, great news, he's signed for next year you keep him healthy-No Olympics. 

Five games under, Islanders now need to play eighteen games over to have any chance at a playoff spot, and they have not had two days off since 1/8. (unlike most teams)

Sorry, however the rest is simply playing out the string. (it's been that way since November)

Do not know where it will go with Vanek or MacDonald, however I expect both traded at the deadline, unless resigned front-loaded. (which Islanders cannot do)  

Wang went to court on 1/28 for opening arguments on Marriott foreclosure, after again hosting the kids for the Lighthouse Tournament.