Eight Months & Already Islanders/Barclay's Not Working As Partners/Notables

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Sorry folks, that's how fast this iron-clad lease can dissolve if both sides agree they cannot work together, they cannot even get together in announcing a 2014 preseason game in Brooklyn which is unconfirmed for 9/26/14 against the Devils.

This does not even include the drama going on between Bruce Ratner's comments about Bridgeport vs Charles Wang's President there, Howard Saffan, and the Sound Tigers future. 

If the agreement falls apart the NHL will not care one bit, and would love more revenue/relocation fees in a facility with more ticket revenue/fan support. Atlanta had a lease until 2019.

Dolan could always offer Wang a buyout of the cable contract as incentive, all things that could have happened before October 2012.

Mangano kicked out the Islanders so Nassau get's paid by Ratner, if he walks from that agreement which he can, Dolan/Msg will pay/renovate.

Nassau is getting paid, someone's giving them a renovation/revenue that's their only priority.

Kate Murray will do all she can to slow/off track Ratner with her zoning if she wants Dolan's bid instead.

Wang was right when he said the Islanders needed a place to play, no person could have said it better about the politicians who created every problem with a fan base too lazy to hold them accountable by filling the seats to make this team a public trust where any discussion of relocation would cost that politician any public/business support with their political career.

If things fall apart with Barclay's expect the franchise to relocate out of  New York entirely, that lease may not even be binding until Sept 2015 for those clinging to it.

No, I would not blame Mr Wang one single bit if he decided to sell out of market, he's done beyond enough, and been served very poorly for his efforts by everyone. 
As written many times, Charles Wang does things quickly/quietly behind closed doors.

If Mr Wang decides to sell expect it to happen with virtually no advanced notice unless the person he sells to does that. Of course outgoing owners exit quietly.

Former country executive, Tom Gulotta (largely responsible for the team leaving Nassau who made it impossible for all Islander owners since 1990) tried to announce the purchase in 2000, and it was reported Wang was rightfully angered by that. 

The agreement with Barclay's was done in the middle of the night, done by 7am (Wang's words) and the press conference was only a few hours later catching those NHL sources/leaks completely off guard.

No, the media does not like that one bit, they want/need their leaks/sources. The two former Ranger die-hards from the NY Daily News working in NHL media (Frank Brown/John Dellapina) made a career out of ripping this franchise.

When the NY Dragons were sold, Wang was in the front row in Philadelphia, seen visibly cheering with a ton of enthusiasm, four days later the team was sold.

He corrected his Neil Smith mistake in summer, and there was no distraction for the players in 2006. Sure if Neil Smith did not sign his contract Wang had every reason to fire him as quickly as possible saving money.

Ed Snider turned his team into an in-season circus in October 2006, and the Flyers never recovered, the Islanders without the distractions come September made the playoffs. (granted they lucked out but were in sixth in the conference at time of Ryan Smyth trade)
Howard Dolgon/Steven Gluckstern:
No folks, Mr Dolgon apparently does not have that kind of revenue, and not selling his AHL team, so he can only play the Steven Gluckstern role, who did that very well with full integrity in Phoenix before the other Howard. (Milstein)

Howard Dolgon, the long-time well respected AHL owner has friends.

I like Howard Dolgon, our fan base will not like him.

He sounds a lot like some of the entries here about the terrible fan support.

This is a man who pulls no punches, something Wang, Michael Picker, Paul Lancey should have been doing by October 2003 with all the empty seats after fans refused to pay 2003 ticket price increases.

By then Wang had only Tom Suozzi's April 2002 proclamation to show after spending 130 million dollars for improving the franchise, renovating the Coliseum for Nassau County as a tenant while he waited for Todd Boe to pay the bills in Bridgeport, as he started the Lighthouse Tournament out of pocket, flying/housing kids from around the world to no fan fare at all after he honored Bill Torrey, Bryan Trottier, and Pat Lafontaine.

Steamed Syracuse Crunch owner Dolgon to fans: We did our part, now where are you? .

"I've been a big supporter of our market, but this was embarrassing tonight,'' Dolgon said in the War Memorial concourse well after the game. "For 19 years, people have been telling us give us a winner. This team deserves better. The people who work here, and the club, deserve better.

"This is not a good product. This is a very strong product. This place should be packed for this team. You don't see hockey like this.''

"I don't want to hear from anybody, 'Give us a winning team.' Don't give us that (junk) anymore,'' Dolgon said. "I don't go for the Wednesday night excuse. This team deserves more support. Time to stop the excuses already.''

Sounds like he was visiting here. I emphatically agree with every word.

Dolgon said his staff had worked 20 hours a day at times to put the team on track for a strong presale, but that the walkup suffered. He said Friday's home Game 4 looks to be heading toward a better number, but Wednesday's turnout has him unsure.

"We're going to do our thing,'' he said. "We've been good soldiers. We put our money where are mouth is. This is a quality product.''