What's Next For New York? Finish Quietly As Possible

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/01/2014 01:01:00 AM |
Again, as I wrote a few days ago, if the lease between the Islanders/Barclay's is in place for all future owners, there is no real problem if Charles Wang is even seriously considering selling.

The rest will be just a lot of rumors/gossip/guess work/noise from media who never cover this team's games, about owners/revenue streams.

It means nothing. 

We'll know if/when we know. 

No one's coming here to start spending seventy million on payroll or giving free agents bonus money of twenty million dollars in a single year of a contract. (front-loading)
On the ice, the club is working very hard, the 13-4-2 on the road record is a heck of a number but overall  it means nothing.

Before that 13-4-2 the Isles went 0-11-1 on the road.

Hopefully the final games pass quietly without further injury.

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