Tavares, Okposo, Wang At Barclay's Center

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Daily News: John Tavares, and Kyle Okposo were at the Barclay's Center for a Smile Train event Wednesday night 4/2/14, with Charles Wang, who both commented on a possible sale of the team.

 John Tavares Wednesday at Smile Train's Power of a Smile Gala at Barclays Center:
“You don’t have any control over that stuff, so you try not to worry about it and just try to focus on doing what you’re supposed to do, preparing yourself to play, playing each day, and obviously in my case, doing everything I can in rehab.” 

“Hopefully that stuff gets taken care of. It’s something that it’s always good to have that stability. Charles has provided that for a long time. If there’s a change, there’s a change, but I know how much he’s invested in this team and this organization, and we’re looking forward to the future.”

Kyle Okposo:
“That’s for management and ownership to figure out,” he said. “Charles is gonna do what he thinks is best and what’s in his interest. We as players, we just have to go play the game. We can’t let that stuff worry us.”
NYIFC Comments:
Not like the Daily News has the budget to cover these things called hockey games, Mike Milbury's corporate bicycle still works for something to help the News reach the coverage cap floor with the AP.

Not a classic in Ottawa, but the kids (looked tired) keep winning. 14-4-2 last twenty road games.

Edmonton Journal: Oil Kings Head Coach, Derek Laxdal had comments on Ryan Pulock and Griffin Reinhart.

That would be former Islander player, Derek Laxdal for those scoring at home.

Pulock/Reinhart also comment.