New York Trade for UFA G Jaroslav Halak

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/01/2014 02:08:00 PM |

NYIFC Comments:
Halak joins his fourth team in 63 days. There was a significant dispute with the former Caps managment where his agent got involved here.

Halak's unrestricted in July. Basically Isles traded 4th to negotiate with an UFA, same as Ehrhoff or when Mark Streit was traded to Philadelphia.

If he does not want to sign here, the 4th was traded for nothing unless Snow trades him as fast as he traded Ehrhoff.

Expect a very quick signng or trade (Snow can get his pick back) to a team his agent does wish to negotiate/sign with.

Snow likely has his contract offer ready, I expect this will be decided in a matter of a days either way.

This is also a player who's traded to upgrade the goaltending whether it be Montreal or St Louis, by process of elimination of teams with starting goaltenders there is an above chance at signing this player.