Is Garth Snow Desperate For A "Milbury" Plan?

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/23/2014 07:14:00 AM |
We saw this in 2000, 2001, back then Mike Milbury gave the fans want they wanted, a playoff team at a very high cost. It seems those who love complaining about him to this day still have not learned their lesson for wanting a similar plan again.

Our fan spoke with their wallets, they did not show up for Milbury's prospects, he produced three playoff teams, and likely saved his job.

Why would Garth Snow do differently if he faces pressure to save his job?

Clutterbuck for Niederreiter was a Milbury plan. Give up a young, big, player with offensive ability, a first round pick for a player of limited offensive ability, at a point you must get back a player of comparable talent. (no Niederreiter was signed, had to report/play where management decided, and never said one negative word about anyone)

Trading for Vanek was a Milbury plan, no 2015 pick.
Now perhaps another 1st rounder could be moved at the draft by Snow when his forward prospect base is frankly very thin?

The day is coming when Tavares, Okposo could/will test free agency.

Unless you have a billion dollar corporation funding your payroll (with taxpayer support from Governor Cuomo/Shedon Silver) you cannot give out massive front-loaded contracts (IE: Brad Richards) that make a Milbury-plan a yearly viable option.

Not here or for many NHL teams.

If Snow takes a team deep into the playoffs or wins a cup, all will be forgotten regardless how they got there faster than Rick Nash  articles about his defense were written by some spin-doctor/writers. What if the road to the cup means only beating Ray Emery, concussed Steve Mason, Fleury, and Dustin Tokarski next spring?

What I do know is if Snow goes the trade market at forward he has to break up with group of thirteen forwards here now.

Unless there is a surprise out of Bridgeport or this draft class, we saw all the forward prospects in the NHL short of Alan Quine.

I'm not expecting Kabanov, or Petrov's folly to come here & contribute. Sebastian Collberg is not a franchise prospect.

Bottom line you do not trade a 24 year old Josh Bailey unless the return is that of a franchise player signed long-term, same as you don't trade Okposo after four goals in 48 games.

No more Milbury plans, and I write that knowing full well prospect movements fail as they have in Florida.

Thirteen Jobs:
Lee-Tavares-Okposo Grabner-Strome-Bailey Nelson-Nielsen-Clutterbuck Martin-Cizikas-McDonald Boulton.

Islanders cannot keep extra forwards waiting to play.
Perhaps it's best for Snow to simply keep Dan Boyle's rights. (not that he has a choice with any team being able to speak with him in a day or two?)

If Snow made the best offer when Boyle/agent are done talking he may decide to sign here before 7/1.

Because of the new rules that let teams talk to players more signings will happen on 7/1. The negotiating will have taken place already.