Bad Marketing 101: Brett Yormark/Brooklyn Strategy (9/3/13)

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/25/2014 07:29:00 AM |
It's pointless to re-write the same entries.

What I can add is Michael Yormark left a similar job with one of the lowest attendance NHL teams in Florida since this was written in September 2013, and it was made clear outside of the Islander campus to be constructed in the Barclay's Center this is how it will be in October 2015.

My honest impression is Brett Yormark's not very good at his job, or the people who hired him demanded this is how they want things done, and do not know what they are doing.

Mr Yormark is not responsible for the badly misguided Long Island mantra that this teams management has advertised since the organization first went on-line, and back to 1972 far too often.

NEW YORK, Mr Yormark, every single release, ad, interview, third jersey......................NEW YORK.
That's how you fill the building, and make profits while the Brooklyn Nets have been losing money since day one at Barclay's Center with Bruce Ratner looking to again sell his remain stake in the team.

The Brooklyn Nets campaign took millions of potential customers in Manhattan/all over the tri-state area, and basically told them our Brooklyn Nets are not your team with a media very happy to keep them second class citizens permanently.

Seriously, how does someone not lose their job for this historically bad decision? Long-term that's at least a billion dollar loss in potential revenue from customers who may well have wanted to become fans. 

As for the New York Islanders create all the secondary merchandising for New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens and any place else you want.

If a New York Islander logo tweak is done to the map it must include Manhattan, it should be as subtle as the fourth stripe on the stick to represent the four stanley cups.


Bad Marketing 101: Brett Yormark/Brooklyn Strategy 9/3/13