NHL's Worst Fan Support Since 1989/Selective Media Creating False Perception Sinks Wang/Snow Efforts Again In UFA

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2014 05:20:00 PM |
Charles Wang again did his job, and more in a building with 1980 revenue streams, with AHL fan support.
A Saturday night crowd of 10,455 for an Islanders game against Florida. 10/30/2006 that has been the norm since the 88-89 season playoffs or no playoffs.

Wang opened his wallet, and authorized Garth Snow to make the contract offers he did.
A new owner/gm would do the same.

The front-loading/term was not a big factor this year. 

No, Jerome Iginla, Dan Boyle, and top free agents do not want to play their final games in front of 7,000 fans with Dolan+2 print/television coverage hiding the club to drive away the remaining fans as they slam the club from Ranger practice in Greenberg, New York or Canada. not Oilers, Leafs, Flames/house teams

I guess Doug Weight was the exception.

Of course those slams never come from full time daily writers traveling with the team, that would require those outlets spending to their own cap floor, and having one.

Folks do not believe me that playing in front of empty seats effects a team? Ok, go ask Brendan Witt in Oct 2006, same story win or lose, playoffs or not since 1989.

Owners come/go.

Torrey, Arbour playoffs--nothing changes from game two forward unless opposing fans pack the Coliseum.

Remember Mark Parrish lashing out in 2000? 

There is a reason this team plays great on the road, and awful at home. The last two years don't lie when they come home to empty seats, hoping to have the fans behind them, even noise from opposing fans is welcome so there is ANY energy in the building which is beyond sad.  
The Islanders in their 4th playoff season in five years, playing in an empty building, years before any cap floor, same story since Al Arbour-Bill Torrey 1989.

What can I write about the New York Islanders having the NHL's worst media in North America by a mile that I have not written about before? Anyone good is under-rated, they have to be sold that way, there is no media to do feature stories anymore.

Without the Newark Star Ledger, the Devils are in the same boat. They went to the finals, and the Post did not hire a new beat-writer, it's not a winning team issue for editors.

Enough archives for a life time on the subject here, our fans either are open-minded enough to see it or they are not?

I have written about the massive taxpayer advantages other teams have vs this one, and the selective/biased media coverage many times supporting one team getting taxpayer money but not another.

Pick a market from NYC, to Detroit, Edmonton, practically all thirty teams. 

For Andrew Cuomo, Different Rules For Different Teams Via Politicians Fandom/Contributions.  Seldon Silver Msg lobbyists helped defeat West Side Stadium and a Ranger die-hard fan. 

 And of course this wonderful Daily News photo of Mario Cuomo celebrating with Bernie Madoff's Pal. Fred Wilpon of the Mets after settling in court, this after Wilpon got his taxpayer stadium, only Charles Wang should be paying for according to these joke editorial boards.

Different rules when Rupert Murdoch owns a stake in MSG/teams.

So the NY Post even by July 2011, still claim the Yankees and Mets paid for their own Stadiums? Is 
employing an Islander beatwriter that expensive they have to lie?

The NY Post wrote the Yankees paid for their own stadium, and so should Charles Wang,  now they contradict themselves entirely?  

And of course Larry the clown,  is always the  the first to cheap shot Wang and demand he spend more of his own money from Ranger practice in Greenberg, while Dolan now receives a 54 million dollar taxpayer check yearly, as many of our less knowledgeable fans of course immediately write spot-on or comically claim Brooks is calling it like it is?

Is your level of knowledge this bad?

Part time Ranger shill, Brett Cyrgalis, selling one team, keeping it negative about NYI and the Devils is never shy to practice his own comical double-standards while praising how well Rick Nash played defense, and cares?
I think Mr Cyrgalis deserves his agenda be put under the spotlight.

 The Joke Editorial Board actually claimed in this article the Yankees paid 1.5 billion for their own stadium so why can't Charles Wang? That's more articles than this teams games receive in a month.

Obviously the Daily News editorial board does not read it's own paper.

Meanwhile the Daily News is too cheap to employ a full time beat writer, and Peter Botte snarks Wang/Snow on twitter for failing to spend money on team?

Sorry to write it again, but worst fan support since 1989 has created most of the problems here, and worse made it very easy not to solve them, and create outright false perceptions.

Staying home made it very easy for such double standards or outright lies to be printed so easily. 

Teams that have never won anything (Columbus, Atlanta, Nashville, Buffalo) fill the seats from April to October, and do not have John Tavares.

The media, players, know.
Some fans do also.

I do not care about page views, someone had to write it again, unlike the amateur fan bloggers selling themselves.

Arthur Staple does more interviews with bloggers than he does actual blog entries in the only full time paper covering our team, and Steve Zipay outworks him by a mile.

So, once more time, I wrote if for you.
And I hate writing it.
If it brings criticism, so be it.

Respectfully speaking folks, are you really this naive?