8/20/12: Thirty NHL Teams One Day All With Financial Losses/NYIFC Update

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30 Teams One Day, All With Financial Ownership Losses

Seems like a good day for a repeat of an entry almost two years old.

Some of the stories have advanced forward since the days before another lockout as more teams have gotten even more taxpayer money/past bills forgiven, and of course new facilities (Detroit/Edmonton) with virtually no media attention. San Jose wants/needs more money from Ed Snider's Flyers for cable rights.

The Arizona Coyotes may have to fight for their agreed to taxpayer handout.

Dolan's yearly check from NYC taxpayers goes up to fifty four million dollars while a few of our fans operating from the Kate Murray/Jay Jacobs playbook beLIEve Charles Wang should still pay for an arena?

Mike Illitch robbed Detroit blind for those who have followed entries here since with no national/NHL media criticism. He did not even pay his bills for cable money back to the 1980's.

The Florida Panthers want/need more taxpayer money with their latest owner in place less than one year. 

This 2012 entry was written two months before Charles Wang announced his deal with the Barclay's Center with many of the faces on that stage gone or departing.

Our fans do understand the New York Islanders were never a primary tenant at the Nassau Coliseum beyond doing repairs for Nassau County since day one in 1972-1973.

NYIFC Notable:
I have decided to renew the domain for 2013-14 (if possible) so this site will remain viewable. (see past comments on subject)

No promises to write even one entry.

As everyone who's followed for years already understand owners, buildings, locations, win-loss play no factor in any decision. Same with final full season at Coliseum or an inaugural years at Barclay's.

Despite some flip-flopping on this subject I have decided not to protect tweets at this time so folks are not required to follow someone. There will be far fewer tweets than ever.

The tribute header to Mr Arbour will remain until 9/18/14.