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Not much to write about hockey, double-header preseason games with a team getting on a plane that same morning are almost unheard of much less playing one of those games that afternoon.

The dominating double-header sweep of Ottawa on 9/29/13 ultimately proved nothing to close the 2013-14 preseason. Nice to win games, and no doubt Jack Skille finding an open net thanks to Cizikas, Colleberg, Nelson, Bailey, and Grabovski getting some goals sure do not hurt their confidence. 

I'm warming up to the idea of Josh Bailey (who was the playoff left wing with Tavares/Boyes) becoming the first line left wing but it has to be the final position change, who knows if it's a showcase or a one game thing? 

Blake Comeau was a nice kid who kept changing positions for Scott Gordon, he became a perimeter player who could not score. A year ago Bailey said he's fine playing anywhere, and that he could make the switch to the right wing. I wrote back then it's on him.

Bergenheim was asked to change positions he flat out said no.

History says you keep changing someone's position all you end up with is a confused player.
So where does John Tavares not play the Nassau Coliseum or Barclay's center because the core players making the club will be placed together toward the end of the preseason?

Likely both, but if I'm coaching the Barclay's center ice is not where I want Tavares playing coming off a serious knee injury. 

There are about twenty players who did not travel Monday, who no doubt would like to dress for a game.  (Matt Martin)

After Friday there are three off days. 
Bridgeport has not announced an AHL preseason game.
Peter Karmanos seems to agree with Charles Wang's way of selling, and is looking into a sale of the Hurricanes. His comments about Forbes not being credible were of course spot-on as to the value of franchises considering a member of their board is part of the group giving Wang substantially more.


I read Wang's legal response to Barroway. So on one hand Barroway writes in his complaint he felt he had an agreement 3/10/14 but in another letter much later he acknowledges Wang does not have to sell him the team?

These are all Mr Barroway's own written words contradicting himself.
So Bruce Ratner said in January 2014 he was submitting his zoning plan to the TOH shortly, and now he's waiting until the end of the year, knowing he said he needs IDA financing to do this project? 

Is he expecting Murray approval in less than seven months for anything?

Knowing Kate Murray's history, will she stall this long enough to force Ratner to walk away from the project which he could do at any time? If Murray wants Dolan's Msg plan, and his Newspaper creates a referendum-like circus to stall things that is exactly what will happen.

And Dolan/Msg did a fantastic job with the Los Angeles Forum.

Ratner a year ago put on a dazzling show for the legislature and got a 19-0 vote. He needed over a year to submit plans for a building permit for a bowling alley, restaurants that are only a small footprint around the Coliseum that should not be an issue in Murray's 2010 zoning?

He must have a clue about Kate Murray's history, why did he not have his plans ready for submission on the first day he could submit them so he could ride that support to easy zoning approval?

This is the man who is somehow going to get the NHL/Dolan in that order approve the New York Islanders having two home NHL facilities for regular season games, and somehow get Wang/successors to break the lease in Bridgeport?

Howard Saffan said his Sound Tigers claims were irresponsible at the time.  I have seen these long periods of silence/delays forever and not once has something worked out whether it be the Coliseum or the ownerships. It falls apart.

I don't know. Ratner's on Bloomberg News this week doing his video's talking football, finance. His pre-assembled housing units literally attached to Barclay's center is not only shutdown with lawsuits, but perhaps structurally flawed while it sits ten stories high?