For The New York Islanders Business, The Real Shift In Power Begins Now

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/04/2015 08:30:00 AM |
Plainview New York vs Metrotech Center New York.

The shift in power this time begins for real.

A lot of things just happened quietly, but make no mistake it's the end of an era.

Remember a few years ago in July 2013, Yormark/Barclay's was taking over most of the Islanders business operations?

And then by 3/30/2014 after only eight months the business operations were shifted back to Long Island, and I questioned the relationship among other things?

This was also the exact same date in 2014 here the rumors started coming out that Mr Yormark made his deal with Chicago's Game Plan Creative, Tom O'Grady, to market the New York Islanders at the Barclay's Center.

It's impossible to know how much turnover will happen again when Charles Wang shifts to minority owner or how many of the people with him for years will be working with Bridgeport or moving on to his other business interests which include Neulion?

Neulion operates out of Plainview, and has landed a remarkable number of sports leagues.
Wang in June 2013 landed all Barclay's streaming events rights for Neulion here besides Nets games.

Neulion is showing the Calder Cup (AHL) Finals free on-line this year.  

Charles Wang as a hockey owner in terms of business operations is not someone who changes the people at his side which reflects loyalty, (this is a man who brought in Bob Thornton's son. (who's father/mother sued him) Dan Marshall has been back these multi-layered kids programs out of Iceworks I have been writing about recently which I'm sure is boring to many but caught my attention about the teams overall business.

However Mr Wang's time is ending in terms of running an NHL team, that begins behind the scenes long before next summer.

We can do a lot of worthless speculation on where things go with Iceworks vs Mangano's plans for the Islanders perhaps relocating the teams offices out of Plainview, vs the possible refurbished practice facility in their former Cantiague Park home which brings the team 0.02 miles closer to the Barclay's center.

We have zero clue where the current/new owners sit with that or even Mr Ratner given his work ahead at the Coliseum, and promise/contractual obligation of an AHL team/anchor tenant. 

I do think Michael Picker running the Sound Tigers, and WBA is somewhat part of the trickle down to Bridgeport but mostly because a job became available in a place Charles Wang manages/operates.

It goes without writing it Mr Picker is an excellent executive. Charles Wang has been very fortunate to have him. I remember Picker showing up 2/14/12 at the Nassau Legislature completely unexpected still trying to get a deal done to keep the team in Nassau, he did everything possible making clear nothing had changed for the Islanders despite the referendum loss, and they still wanted to do a deal.

Here was the entry on 2/14/12:

A lot of  people lost their jobs yesterday in this organization:
Kristina Hjertkvist now former Marketing Coordinator:

And the prospects game at Barclays proceeds:
Times are changing, it's barely begun.