Wang-Mangano Deal To Move Practice Facilities/Business Offices To Cantiague Park

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Islanders Announce Ten Year Deal To Practice At Cantiague Park

Depending on what you read this move from Syosset to Hicksville will take place in season as in practices begin there for the team on 12/31/15 with renovations complete by February 2016. 

NYIFC Comments: What can I add beyond what was written here yesterday? I hope the soon to be majority owners were consulted. This was the Islander former facility from 1979-1992.

Mangano was there with Michael Grabner to open the pro shop in September 2012 or six weeks before the move to Barclays was announced.

Cantiague Park Ice Rink was gutted from the Islander dynasty days and fully documented in the summer of 2010, it reopened for 2010-11 with a banner for Ed Mangano.

Not what fans will wish to see when the team returns to it's former practice facility 1979-1992 from the dynasty years.

This becomes Jon Ledecky, and Scott Malkin's home for business operations for nine years.

Lighthouse project money in escrow? Wonder if Charles Wang got this deal from Mangano so they can keep what they owe him to say nothing about the sublease with Smg which has lumped the Islanders in occasionally with back money owed?

We'll see what this means for Iceworks lease with the team or any connection to a future practice home for Bridgeport?

Litigation over escrow amount from the Lighthouse.....Scott Rechler?

9/4/13: New York/Bridgeport Will Practice At Charles Wang's IceWorks Past 2015