George McPhee Hired As Special Advisior

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/23/2015 11:02:00 AM | |

Been writing about this since minority owners were announced.

McPhee looking past his Rangers past, and mostly long term failure in Washington did not leave the Caps with a reputation as someone who worked well with other agents which seems the opposite of Snow.

I know it's been reported Snow/McPhee are friends.

Win or lose, Snow's been exemplary as he keeps negotiations quiet/classy. Even the people who do not sign or resign here make it clear they like being part of this organization which says a lot.

Still this is a win business, and Garth Snow is paid to win, no matter how many smart contracts he signs or trades he makes.

Tavares said it best:

“We really haven’t accomplished a whole lot.”

This could also be a sign Snow is going to wear only the President's hat or moved into that role which in terms of business seems to be Barclay's/Mr Yormark's role. No idea if this changes Doug Weight's title also as a senior advisor.

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