New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/25/2015 12:53:00 PM |
Not much to write.

New York will continue to play out it's preseason, things seem set (on paper for NHL roster beyond Beck, Petrov, Bernier) but if an upgrade is out there we will see.

Trading Grabovski's contract would make the most sense because he has not been used as a center here which is his career position, but there is likely little interest in his services at that price off two concussions.

Management wanted to use Nelson at his drafted position of center last season, it's Strome's drafted position, Nielsen is a center.

It would be fair to write management does not want Pulock, Mayfield or another young defender using up their eligibility sitting in New York as it worked out with Matt Donovan, but Bridgeport is packed with defenders.

I do see an ELC for Anthony Beauvillier given tradition here with top picks likely before he leaves NY.

What obvious is four goaltenders are not going to work for Bridgeport (Poulin, Gibson, Milner, Williams) & Missouri just signed a second ECHL goalie, and has a mostly filled out roster, something has to happen there.

For now let's just see where things stand after Monday's game in NY against Caps because that's when we'll hopefully see some big cuts, and regular season games lines put in place.

This is a roster with a 4th line which appears set in stone, but we all know the injuries will be coming.