Judge Puts Twin Rinks Sale To Wang On Hold Due To Bonding Issues/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/01/2015 09:24:00 AM |
Simply put let's take a timeout on the following subjects until it's officially decided: 
1-What Twin Rinks does with bonding issues to finalize a sale to Wang. That facility does need some renovating to house an NHL team.

Could be a formality/paperwork, and no big deal at all.

Bottom line the last thing the New York Islanders have is a shortage of practice rinks.

2-What Nassau formally announces regarding Wang's ten year lease at Cantiague, and the five million he was to invest from Lighthouse Escrow. Nassau did not award Wang the winning bid, a federal judge did.

What's Mangano going to do but save face over another public-private disaster? He has much bigger problems if Ratner walks away from the Coliseum renovation which the county website says began on August 1st.

3-Coliseum ground breaking non-announcement already half a month late which seems tied to the thirty one million Ratner owes Prokhorov with that deadline pushed back twice already to 9/8.

Both are partners in Coliseum renovation so if this and their stake issues in Barclay's/Nets cannot be resolved a renovation may not happen at all.
By the end of the month Yormark was expected to announce a naming rights deal for the Coliseum property, and mentioned the entire 77 acre site.

No, that does not change the Islanders binding lease at Barclay's, what that means is another bid process, and Dolan is selected to make the Coliseum Msg+3 with his AHL team.

3a-Prokhorov buying out Ratner's stake at Barclay's entirely could change everyone working at Barclay's in  management, many are Ratner's people.

Mr Yormark, that means you.

3b-Prokhorov seems to change his mind often but he could sell everything (Nets/Barclay's if he buys out Ratner's stakes in team/arena)  inside a year to someone else entirely. 

4-Any announcement of an AHL team coming to the Coliseum as an anchor tenant much less the Sound Tigers tied to a Coliseum ground breaking.

4a-We have no clue if Wang wants to move the Sound Tigers out of the only facility he manages in Webster Bank Arena until 2021 for another professional team he would not own. 

5-Where Wang's partners stand on any of these issues because in less than a year they are likely tied to many of these agreements.

6-The clock just started ticking much louder on Brock Nelson, only Wang/Snow know where they stand in 2015 on his past rule of locking out players for the season.