New York Second Wave Of Cuts/Poulin Claimed By Tampa Bay

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/27/2015 12:43:00 PM |

So Beck goes from a 64 game player with Nashville, to Toronto (who signed him avoiding arbitration) to New York to Bridgeport?

Of the three goaltenders Garth Snow drafted in Poulin, Nilsson & Koskinen, only one is left for this season because he was qualified, as he plays in the KHL (Koskinen)  Greiss has a two year contract.

Of course you move Nilsson to get Nick Leddy.

I have big doubts Greiss is better than Poulin, who is only twenty five, and had a .940 save percentage in December last year on a terrible Bridgeport team. Having written that it's now Williams/Gibson unless Milner pushes out someone.

Williams played well in preseason, so did Gibson. 

Poulin rejected his qualifying offer, and obviously was not an easy signing.

With only two preseason games left, and frankly the alarming trend of this team being terrible in all six third periods this preseason it is not something that should not be fluffed off (as the opposing teams dominated even in NYI two wins) many players did not step up when games were on the line.

Sorry, but cannot simply keep writing it's only preseason when six games are played, and every time the Islanders are hanging on or simply dominated by the veterans/prospects of the opposition with the game on the line, it was not like they faced many starting goalies beyond Schneider.

It's time to show this team has a sixty minute game (and a dominating third period) in them against Washington with close to their full opening night lineup.