More New York Transactions/Misc

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/29/2015 12:30:00 PM | |
Barzal stays over Dal Colle for now, but the roster suggests it will not stick without a trade.

This team is struggling, preseason rosters or not. Washington kept them back all night, and a 7th team in a row outplayed the NY Islanders with the game in the balance with nothing close to it's full lineup.

I cannot see a spot for Boulton where he get's an NHL deal but he keeps dressing. No issue with a Carkner-like AHL contract.
Everyone recalled on 9/28 was returned. Halak, Bernier, Hickey hurt or not skating.
Mr Yormark wants to impress us fill in those area's behind the defensive goal with seats on all the sides, the ones behind the goal installed are fantastic and not advertised.

26 days after promising a radio deal shortly, he has not announced one, so we go without in preseason.

I missed the classic goal horn from 1970's to 1997 and may be the only one who recorded it without announcers. Howard Milstein replaced it with a bad fake copy for a year.

No issue with one used 1999 to present but never wanted the original changed.

There are poor goal horns all over the NHL, what we got to see (of course not on television) was a clip which was a perfect match to a video I found from the MTA more not necessary Brooklyn branding.