10/1 Mr Yormark Interview: Yes Network

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/01/2015 07:16:00 PM |

 NYIFC Comments:
I wish our fans were this motivated to blame Msg/Newsday for the lack of games/television/print coverage. Sadly many think it's the Islanders decision or the Devils to be hidden so less people want to purchase tickets.

My thoughts are Mr Yormark had good intentions with the goal horn, and deserved better but again as I have written many times, this is a NY team.

His counterparts doing his job in NYC/NJ & Long Island with Cosmos all market NYC.

You think Mr Yornark's counterpart with the Yankees (pick team) goes around calling them the Bronx (wherever) three times in every paragraph?

Also the official colors of Brooklyn are not black/white, to say they are is simply incorrect.

New York Islanders is the name of this team, and where the majority of the season tickets were on 7/26/11. 40 percent NYC/30 Nassau/30 Suffolk.

Mr Yormark correctly sounded a lot like my blog entries here for many years, calling out the people who talk a great game but do not buy tickets under any circumstances unless it's opening night or a playoff game.

I'm afraid the reality for everyone will be hitting home beginning with Winnipeg on a Monday afternoon in October.

It's the biggest reason things are where they are today, and why many of the things our fans wanted were never paid for.

Of course Barclay/Islanders deserve blame for seats not being filled in and available/advertised in lower level, they did a great job with the lockeroom.