What's Been Wrong Since Day One With 2015-16 New York Islanders

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/11/2016 01:52:00 PM |

I guess the NHL figured out the New York Islanders, or their kids have taken a big step backwards with many veterans. We have seen them struggling through half a season with most of the team healthy and underachieving.

The west is a great example of this. Anaheim is a ghost of the team they were with many of the same star players.

Dallas is the standard new good team for now, they came here exhausted, and their goaltending was poor so the Islanders beat them, it was more about the Stars playing seven games in eleven days.

Wait until the Islanders have the same schedule in Feb-March.

I do not see Snow trading his prospects, and on paper he has no forward in Bridgeport with NHL potential healthy.

It's Bernier & Boulton.

Ryan Pulock's not good enough to play in the NHL as a right defender (Bridgeport went 0-28 on powerplay) well rested Zidlicky is not good enough to dress over Adam Pelech (natural LD) who was recalled and played two games at RD (vs Dallas/Washington) a position he never played in Bridgeport or his entire career before Mayfield was recalled so both could play their natural positions.

Says all you need to know about Zidlicky who played 82, 84 games the last two NHL seasons or how poorly the Islanders have handled him? 

Brian Strait, a left defender is again playing right defense which is not his career position, the result is big mistakes like Flyers second goal where he looked completely lost as he did when Grabner scored the easiest goal of his career untouched in front of the Islanders goal for several seconds. 

If Capuano expects changes to the forwards it has to come from within because 29 other teams are looking for the same things. The coach for some reason he does not stick very long with Lee-Tavares-Okposo which is his best forward at each position.

It's a team that's been carried by it's goaltending/penalty killing.

The general manager apparently does not see this as a coaching issue despite the many underachieving players, who are largely outworked/outplayed most games. The players who always have this coaches back, are not responding when the puck drops unless the opposing goaltender/team has a poor game.

Capuano's words are very repetitive these days, like a coach the team has tuned out.

Since camp I kept writing something was wrong and hopefully something clicks, but just do not see it happening.

Ultimately I do not see a playoff team here or at best one which is a very easy out. Strome/Lee/Nelson (who's been moved around and played acceptable) are young and maybe this is not their time. Maybe Leddy/Hamonic are still too young also?

Not expecting Jenner to kick in another puck which is the only reason the Islanders did not lose in regulation to Columbus last time. The Rangers five man goalie unit is getting a nice rest/recharge against many tired teams, which included Washington.

Philadelphia is no fluke, their last loss at home was 12/8 against NYI in a shootout and they had 46 shots in that game. The Pens are looking much better, and have Fleury/top defender back. The Devils usually play their goalie box, give up only 20 shots a game for a top goaltender like Schneider, and will get Mike Camalleri back at some point who will turn one goal losses into overtime games.

These teams are all going to pass the Islanders if this continues. 

Carolina has been a very tough out, and scores goals in bunches, they are climbing up the standings also.

But there is half a season to play. We will keep waiting for something to work, and this team to pick up it's skating/game.