New York Out In Five

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/08/2016 06:21:00 PM |
What can be written? I asked for this teams best hockey in games three and four after writing how poorly I thought they played all season + round one & finally got it. They outplayed Tampa in both Barclay's games, had a third period lead twice but lost in overtime.

They were better against Tampa for long stretches, unlike the Florida series.

This series could have gone 4-0 New York besides some bounces. (even game two had deflections that went Tampa's way)

Greiss gave them every chance to win, but he was not perfect. 

Sunday was not their day, and unlike Tampa could not keep it close to start a rally, and Bishop made his saves. The core of that team went to the finals last year, and knocked out Detroit in five with a 1-0 win. 

And fair or not, a lot of players simply did not produce enough in these playoffs, some veterans/prospects.

Sure they missed Lee, and Grabovski but where are they without Quine's goal/points or Shane Prince's goals?

The goal was winning the Stanley Cup, now we find out who stays/goes, the exit interviews will begin.

To speculate on anything is really folly, we have no idea if there will be an official ownership change date or what they will do differently if/when that happens. All three owners were at game two.

UFA likely means some departing players, perhaps many, a lot of restricted free agents. 

Some media who love to hate our team will kick them the hardest and did from day one in 1972 & at Barclay's were wrong all season,  folks will have to be a little smarter and see through their bias/agenda.

I did not expect a playoff spot based on what I saw most of this season. Next year (like last year) really has no bearing as teams will improve while others will be weaker.

Sadly it's time to put the Al Arbour tribute into the history section.  Both the Coliseum, and Barclay's had their year with a customized look here.

Season #45 begins for the New York Islanders in October 2016.