New York Outplayed/Outworked All Season/Playoffs

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/03/2016 10:00:00 AM |
I'm not complaining the coach is, the players are, and basically have been the entire season.

Does the luck finally run out against an injured Tampa team New York has dominated at home for years, who they finished the regular season ahead of in the standings, by a player scoring who was sent to the AHL and demanded out? 

This is what we saw with a rested Islanders team that struggled to nine games over before a schedule that should have ended any realistic chance of a playoff spot. Instead we saw an exhausted team, never home, win the ugliest games continuing to be badly outplayed with the biggest goals scored by players who rarely hit the scoresheet like Hickey beating Calgary/Washington.

It did not make much sense as the injuries piled up with the wins. 

Then come round one we saw an Islander team dominated by Florida, with one regulation win where they trailed for ninety percent of the series and were less than a minute from a 1-0 loss in game six with five goals in three home playoff games? Again Hickey won a game in overtime.

It has not made much sense all season, and we still wait to see this teams best game, the line changes continue.

I guess the biggest concern here would be the season trend of not playing well with more rest. The players badly needed the break after playing game one with the 1st round still going on, and getting right back on another plane.

I'm not sure what to expect. Tampa is the defending champion for a reason, on paper the Islanders had more points over 82 games, but again seem to be struggling badly, and over-matched despite the 1-1 series.

We'll see what happens, but the Stanley Cup is the goal. If this team cannot advance let's see it's best hockey all season.

I'm thrilled they are here, just want more. New York's best game before a lot of players hit UFA. If Bishop turns into Khabibulin in 2004 like he did last spring (sometimes) so be it.