Video: John Ledecky Town Hall 7/14/16/Sound Tigers Future

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Mr Ledecky did an excellent job, and had fun with it. I'm not a fan of hugging the mascot, or giving it face time, but that's me.

Did not see any ducking tough subjects, but if he does not keep his promises on Tavares/Barclay's, it will become his legacy as owner.  He sounded like he was in Brett Yormark's territory many times with a different philosophy.

 "We are committed to New York, we are the New York Islanders."

That makes me very happy, it's what it's been since 1972, even if a lot media will fight it every chance they can.

I will miss Charles Wang's full-time influence but happy he left things in good hands. Mr Ledecky made clear how things will go at Northwell so some topics I write about are resolved.
To be clear my conversations with Ct Post beatwtiter Michael Fornabaio pointed me to a mistake in a past entry. 6/7/15 entry titled: 2/16/11 Bridgeport City Council Documents: "Professional Hockey League" Not AHL/Better June 2015 entry. The Sound Tigers leaving requires an AHL team or better professional league that was not in previous Feb 2011 hearings when Charles Wang took over operating arena.

My apologies for this error, and thanks to Mr Fornabaio, it was not in discussions on matter before approval. I looked at 2/22/11 hearing, saw approval on page five, but did go to page 150+ (below) for what was in agreement that was not discussed on 2/16/11.
Also to be clear it seems Mr Malkin/Ledecky now operate WBA or have taken over the agreement to 2021.

Ok, an image of Gordie Lane with Stanley Cup to make up for it.
And the only New York Islanders owner who won the Stanley Cup Four Straight Times & Saved them from bankruptcy, Mr John Pickett.