Jon Ledecky Speaks To Pat Dolan Newsday Media/NYC Newspapers

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/13/2016 07:55:00 PM |
It was a very good start for Jon Ledecky, he made clear team will spend what it takes to win/max payroll,  not interfere with hockey management.

He will be involved in business end heavily/fan experience improvement at Barclay's, wants this to be teams long-term home, and improvements to Barclay's for hockey. Gave a few stories about what he did last two years speaking to fans to correct issues.

Expects to win, progress to continue, long enough without a Stanley Cup.

Also made clear this teams name is New York Islanders, a metropolitan area team, not Brooklyn Islanders.

Likely keeping Sound Tigers at WBA through 2021.

No Coliseum agreement between him-Malkin /Nassau for any Coliseum games, that's Ratner's agreement with Nassau.

Nothing quoted on who owns/operates Sound Tigers.
Dolan's owned/controlled Newsday media and NYC editors did their Brooklyn branding/lease opt out dance to control spin/editors spending money on full time coverage, ignored Dolan with NHL has final say of team playing four regular season games at Coliseum if Ledecky-Malkin want to play any Coliseum games at all.

Mangano was quick to point out NEC is expected to fulfill it's lease obligations. Ratner made clear he would despite 15 percent controlling stake.

Expect AHL Ranger team under NEC management is Prokhorov/Ratner's call if Sound Tigers staying in Ct.