So What's Next For New York?

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/12/2016 08:15:00 AM |
Jon Ledecky will address some fans on 7/14 at Barclay's, hopefully the person who was there in 2000 and never let Wang speak will not attend.

Scott Malkin is the financial majority owner.

At some point they will bring in their people to fill the roles by Wang's staff, who have to work with Barclay's staff.

Don't expect Ledecky (or Malkin) to tell any media the New York Islanders are New York, same as since 1972, and to drop the branding games, travel issues vs other teams which became a discussion in free agency because the organization did not speak loud enough or often enough to stop it.

The Islander/Sound Tiger websites need some work to update management changes at the very least. With no media, they have to make news with their sites to draw attention unless Snow plans on speaking more in Canada so NY media can parrot him?

Silence never sells tickets, a 100 point playoff team, spending close to the cap is not going to get it done acting small market, it never has.

Deadline for Quine, Strome, Gibson, Mayfield, Petrov to accept RFA qualifying offers is 7/15, 5pm, unless both sides agree to more time which did happen with Kevin Poulin last summer.

The cap screams no more signings unless contracts are moved to pay for them. 

Mikhail Prokhorov is apparently having his financial issues in Russia, his finances collapse, so does his ownership of Barclays/majority stake in Coliseum.

Altice selling the majority of Newsday to Pat Dolan is very bad news for the New York Islanders, who already have the worst professional media coverage of any North American sports team.

Ratner wanting 6.2 million in tax breaks for retail surrounding the Coliseum is front page news?

There is a difference between James Dolan vs Pat Dolan, and Charles Dolan actually made his first quote in over a decade.

We don't know what that difference will be, maybe Pat Dolan likes the Islanders?

Nothing but mixed signals on Wang owning the Sound Tigers solely but either way his WBA agreement only provides for a professional league team through 2021. Other AHL teams are announcing their plans for 2017-18. It took a few years for our brutal media to even figure out Wang would retain a 15 percent stake. He owns Northwell/Iceworks, and operates WBA through 2021.

For Wang to receive Lighthouse escrow money the Islanders must practice full time at Northwell with the agreement beginning on 9/1/16. Locker rooms need to be constructed for an NHL team with team offices.
This will likely be the final dynasty header created for this website.

I had 2016 images of Bob Bourne, John Tonelli, but decided Al Arbour's funeral service would be off-limits.

Gillies, Nystrom, Bossy, Trottier, Smitty all were at Barclay's, most are there often.

Ken Morrow still works for team so his image from the draft in Buffalo was used.

Anders Kallur's image was used from this week as opposed to the core of the four or his scouting years.

Lorne Henning still works in the NHL, but decided to use his image in an Islander pregame recently, so be it if his cup image is black/white.

I wanted Bill Torrey represented, and felt this was perfect despite him being at Barclay's for playoffs.

Denis Potvin was at Barclay's, but his Coliseum closing images were best representation.

Duane Sutter represented the tribute to 1980 team in 2006.  Tonelli, the core of the four.

Gord Lane did not have any images with the cup.

The 1980 logo is a perfect touch.